Does The Thought Of Being Like The Gurus Make You Sick?

Apr 21, 2021

Do you ever look at content the gurus are posting and get sick to your stomach?

Sick, because you could never picture yourself doing stuff like that.

Acting excited, crazy, and pumped up. Sharing a ton of detail about your personal life. Posting about cars, houses, and money.

But, you know you should model your business after successful people. This is where a lot of your past success came from.

You have real skills to share with the world. You want to get your voice out there.

But sometimes you think: “If I have to become like one of those gurus, I’d rather just not”.

It would be a real shame if that thought prevented you from ever leaving your legacy and changing lives…

Especially since it’s not true.

The real issue: You haven’t realized that effective content creation has much less to do with how excited you act, how often you show up, or whether you are on the coolest new platform or not…

And much more to do with the messaging (what is...

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Why You Don't Need To Do Cold DM's And Lots Of Sales Calls

Apr 21, 2021

Most coaches and experts I talk to hate what is also the most popular (and arguable most effective in the short term) strategy of DM'ing people and filling their calendar with calls.

If you're an introvert and/or a creative type, this strategy is likely a big turn off for you.

You don't need to copy what other people are doing just because it will make you money the fastest. In this video I share my thoughts and what you can do instead.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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You Don't Have To Coach On The Thing You Were Successful In

Apr 19, 2021

When I first got into coaching, a successful coach said to me “Brian, you’ve gotta be a real estate coach”.

He knew the track record I had of building a successful real estate investing business.

I didn’t want to admit to him that I was tired of the real estate investing industry. I could feel my inner voice saying “no”, but I ignored it.

I mean, his advice did make sense. What else was I qualified to coach?

So I listened to him and went full steam ahead into real estate coaching.

Initially, I found that being a coach and helping others was a lot more fun than focusing on my own success.

But, fast forward a few years, and I found myself feeling drained after creating content, doing sales calls, and coaching clients.

Right in the middle of filming a video for Youtube, I’d think things like “If I have to explain how to raise private money one more time I’ll go crazy”.

I was shocked by the fact that I was already burning out,...

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It's Time To Prioritize Impact Over Revenue

Apr 16, 2021

If you’re a successful entrepreneur who has made a lot of money - but haven’t yet found real meaning in the work you do…

Today is the day to stop focusing on getting richer and start focusing on helping others.

It’s time to build the coaching business that you’ve always wanted. The one that gives you a deep sense of purpose.

It’s time to make your mark on the world, and get up every day to make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s easy to see how you can lose sight of this. Once you start making a lot of money, it gets addicting.

Plus, your peers are all competing on how much money they can make next month. So we get sucked in.

This happened to me in my first business of flipping houses. Revenue was our goal. Passive income and financial freedom.

I achieved those things, by building a business that consistently did over 1M/year gross, and I also purchased a few dozen rental properties.

I’m not saying I was ultra rich, but I had...

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Should You Do 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Or Just Sell A Course?

Apr 16, 2021

If you're confused by the different options you have of getting the outcome for your clients...

The biggest mistake you can make is just to copy what someone else is doing.

Tune in to learn the different "stages" that an education business goes through so you can know how to shape the details of your program.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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The Problem With Following The Marketing Hype Train

Apr 14, 2021

If you find yourself hopping from one new marketing channel to the next - and never getting any traction (or clients).....

Feeling worried that you’re “missing out” by not implementing the sexy stuff everyone else is doing…

I have some good news for you: you don’t have to copy people or follow the latest trend. In fact, it could be the very reason you haven’t gotten traction yet.

My marketing strategy was always to model others. Find a successful person and market exactly like they do.

On the surface, it made a ton of sense. If it worked for them, it would work for me, right?

But that advice got me into trouble. Led me to a bunch of dead ends. Had me doing all kinds of things that weren’t me. Things I abandoned after a short time.

The solution, when I found it, was simple:

Go all in on the type of marketing you love. Do it consistently. Master it.

(If you haven’t already guessed, for me, it’s writing!)

Now I get 2-4 people...

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Invitation To Work With Me 1:1

Apr 12, 2021

This is an invitation to coaches and experts who are paying the bills but just don’t feel like they’re making the impact they planned on and want to realign what they’re doing in their business so that it brings them more gratification and joy.

This typically involves pivoting to serving a new client, coaching in a new niche, rebuilding their offer, and/or marketing in a way that feels fun and natural.

We work together intensively for 6 weeks on the following:

1) Align With Your Ideal Client & Niche - We will refine which type of client gives you the most energy & which niche you’re most excited about coaching in. We will work through any fears you have around your ability to serve this client or coach in this niche.

2) Create Your Aligned Offer - We will craft your offer in such a way that it is really authentic to what you can deliver on. We will create an outcome that you really believe in (making it much more fun and easy to market and sell). I...

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To The Coach Who Keeps Switching Their Niche...

Apr 09, 2021

When a coach is new, it is very common for them to change their niche at least 2 or 3 times before they find the one that fits.

The bad news is that they often remain in the wrong niche(s) for months or even years before finding the one that they love.

This results in a ton of wasted time and energy. Building the wrong audience. Spinning up marketing only to stop soon after. Launching and closing down programs.

This happens because most coaches were never taught how to think about picking their niche.

The decision was made from asking themselves some combination of:

“what am I good at/qualified to do?”


“what does the market want?”

“Give the market what it wants” - the goal of this advice is to make it easy to sell (make money) from your program.

The only coach who will benefit from that question alone is the one who solely wants to earn money.

The coaches who want to love what they do, leave their impact, and unlock & share their greatest...

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3 Things You Must Know Before You Market Your Education Biz

Apr 09, 2021

Most online educators are unclear on the core fundamentals of their business...

Instead they are focused on flashy marketing strategies...

Here's how to avoid becoming like them and set your business up on the proper foundation.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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Struggling To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together?

Apr 05, 2021

Most coaches spend their day scrolling social media, reading posts, clicking on ads, watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, downloading free things, and reading promotional emails.

All with one purpose - to figure out how to put the puzzle pieces together and grow their coaching business.

I did this for years. I sought answers from the outside.

I was certain that someone else had those puzzle pieces and I just needed to find them.

6 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested later, I still hadn’t found the missing pieces.

Most programs will claim that they can teach you the best strategy.

That their program is the one thing that people need. The missing piece.

Yet they don’t often work. Why is that?

Most coaching programs enter their relationship with you assuming that THEY possess your missing puzzle pieces.

They have cracked the code - and you should copy them.

Imagine a relationship coach who claimed to have figured out what the...

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