The Hidden Thing That Keeps Most Would-Be Coaches On The Sideline

May 10, 2021

I spoke with a client yesterday who had been spending time watching the coaching “gurus” on Youtube.

He made the comment that “if that’s what it’s gonna take, then I don’t know if I want to do it”.

This guy is ultra successful, has a huge company, and is a strong leader and businessman. It would be a shame if he didn’t share his message.

What he didn’t want was to build a monster education company that took up all his time. He didn’t want to post content all day.

He didn’t want to put himself out there online and share a ton of details about his life and business. He didn’t want to brag about his success.

He also shared that he’s the type of person who needs to be able to see the whole picture before he will be inspired to go to work. He needs to be able to see a realistic and inspiring vision for what he’s going to build.

He needs to know that this business will give him the meaning and impact he...

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Why You Must Get Clear On Who You Serve

May 07, 2021

If your content is speaking to a new person every time, your customers will be confused about what you do and will not ask to work with you.

A big mistake I made during my first 5 years as an educator was that I “just turned on the camera and talked” or “just wrote freely and posted”.

I followed whatever I was inspired by - that was my content for the day.

Frustrated by my lack of results, I decided to do a “content audit”.

I looked at the last 20 posts/videos I had created and discovered something funny…

Exactly 10 of them were speaking to one type of person…

And the other 10? They were speaking to a different person entirely!

It wasn’t until I hired an amazing coach by the name of Eleanore Strong that I realized I was still unclear on who my ideal client was.

I also realized that there was more to the story than just knowing “who” I helped.

I also needed to be clear about what stage of the journey they are at...

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How To Avoid Making Bad Business Decisions

May 05, 2021

One of the biggest things that will sabotage your education business is constantly changing your strategy.

By this I mean always changing who you serve, the niche you help them in, the way you create content, the platforms you’re present on, & your product itself.

I know this issue all too well, as I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I’ve pivoted several times in each of the aforementioned areas.

The reason I kept changing is because I hadn’t found what was right for me yet. So I had to change. But, the way I was going about making the decisions was wrong.

Bad decision making > Wrong decision > Need to pivot/change again

The real problem?

I was making the decisions with my head, not my heart.

It’s crazy to look back on how much time, energy, and money I spent on trying to make the wrong things work. I now realize that making the wrong strategic decision about my business slowed me down in a huge way. It only led me to dead ends and caused me to...

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The Secret Behind Brendon Burchard's 9 Figure Education Empire (& How You Can Start Using It Today)

May 05, 2021

Brendon Burchard's secret lies not only in his high level of presence, enthusiasm, and energy...

The guy is also a strategic business genius who has a unique and powerful way of deciding what products he will create, called an "integrated product suite"...

When you understand this you will not only see how you can scale your education business to the upper level like Brendon did...

But you'll also be able to see the roadmap for how the business will evolve and grow over time (which seeing the vision is crucial for a lot of people before they can take action).

Tune in to find out what he does and how you can implement this in your business too.

Here's the video where he explains his product grid (start around the 14 min mark):

To find out more about The Coaching Blueprint, the 6 week intensive that starts on May 20th, go here:

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Invitation To Work With Me 1:1

May 03, 2021


This is an invitation to successful entrepreneurs who want to start an online education business so they can shift their focus from making more money to sharing their message and helping others improve their lives.

We work together for 6 weeks on the following:

1) Define The Impact You Want To Make - We will complete a process that helps define the type of client you'd love to serve, their starting point, and the outcome you want to create for them. Not being clear on these things is where most people fail. You are likely experienced in multiple areas, but we need to uncover what you're most inspired by. Sometimes this will be a different niche than the one you have a track record in. Having one or two deep conversations with me on these topics has prevented many of my clients from going down the wrong path.

2) Build Your Program - Together we will build the exact program that you will take your clients through. This involves writing up your offer so...

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The No B.S. Blueprint To Setting Up Your Online Education Business

Apr 30, 2021

If you are creating content on a regular basis but you aren’t getting clients (and it feels like no one is listening)...

I’m willing to bet that you skipped over at least one crucial step (of setting up your education business the right way).

It’s really tough to know exactly what to focus on and in what order. There are so many choices and different strategies.

When I first entered the online education space, it was like drinking from a firehose.

I was listening to 10 different gurus and trying to synthesize all the information from each of them and sort out what mattered, what didn’t, and even more important, what ORDER I was supposed to do it all in.

Complete overwhelm.

I’ll be real with you: Focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time will cause you to fail. Your business might never take off. You might never make money or make a difference.

It’s that important. You need to learn how to line the dominoes up in the right order before you...

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When Is It Time To Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice To Family & Friends?

Apr 28, 2021

I used to hope that I would come across a person whose car needed a jump start, or had gotten stuck in the snow, just so I could help them out

I craved for people to ask me for help. It didn’t matter who it was or what they needed.

I was dying to make some kind of difference in the world.

I found myself constantly giving unsolicited advice to my family, friends, and team members.

I’d meet a friend at the bar and, three drinks in, start steamrolling him with all kinds of advice.

By the end of the night when we’d say goodbye I could tell that I hadn’t connected with my friend, but instead just talked and gave advice the whole time.

No big surprise when I didn’t get invited back for beers again.

It was clear that I needed to stop doing this and channel my desires in a healthy way. I needed to figure out what I wanted to say, if anyone cared to listen, and where to find them.

It was around then that I read “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon...

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The #1 Platform To Build Your Website, Funnels, And Online Courses

Apr 28, 2021

I have one platform I love where I have built my website, 6 online courses, and countless funnels. It's the same one Brendon Burchard runs his entire business on.

This video is a walkthrough of my account behind the scenes where I show you how I've built everything and just how easy it can be for you to do, too.

To get started with a free 14 day trial to Kajabi, go here (affiliate link):

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When Will You Give Yourself Permission To Do Meaningful Work?

Apr 26, 2021

I used to look at my schedule full of calls with my team and feel a sense of dread.

I didn’t get engaged from my work anymore. It felt like going through the motions.

I wanted to shift to doing work that was meaningful and made a difference. But I had zero time to devote to it.

People told me I was crazy for feeling this way. I had a house flipping business that was doing over 1M/year in revenue. I had a team of 8 employees and a great business partner. I had a few dozen rental properties.

What more could anyone want?

I had started that business with one goal: financial freedom.

After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” while working at a grocery store, I craved a life where my passive income covered my bills.

After working hard for about 7 years as an investor, I achieved that goal.

Beyond that point, making more money didn’t excite me. I wanted to be a teacher, author, or a coach. I wanted to do something that allowed me to help people.

At the same time, I was...

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#1 Mistake New Coaches Make When Designing Their Program

Apr 23, 2021

One of the most common mistakes new coaches make is thinking they need to create a cheap program like an online course or a recurring membership program.

Other times you see a coach use a “tier” system, where for $497 you get this, for $997 you get this + that, and so on.

Basically, any product that “kinda” helps a client…

But doesn’t give them the one thing that would get them the outcome the fastest and most predictably: full access to you as the coach.

New coaches without much of a track record in anything do this all the time - they lack confidence and think selling a $27 e-book is a good way to make up for that (because when the buyer doesn’t get much value, at least they are only out $27!)

But, even successful entrepreneurs (the people I help) who are great at what they do will often make this mistake, simply because they think they need to model the gurus they see all over social media.

They don’t know that the gurus started...

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