To The Coaches Who Think They Need To Automate Their Business...

Apr 02, 2021

One big problem I see is coaches who are focused on hiring marketing teams, sales reps, and coaches so they can remove themselves from their business.

The underlying problem? They aren’t excited about their niche anymore.

What if - instead of focusing on removing themselves from their business - they just pivoted to a new niche that excited them - so that they didn’t feel the need to escape?

Many people will say that I’m wrong, and systemizing your business is the answer.

And - obviously - in many cases that’s true.

Just look at any great business in the world and you’ll see systemization on a major scale.

But what I'm talking about is different here. I'm talking about getting the business into alignment BEFORE you scale.

I've personally spoken with coaches doing multiple 6 and even 7 figures who are heavily trying to automate their business so they can step out and coach in a new niche entirely.

What if they'd gotten their niche right on the first try?...

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The Real Reason Most Coaches Are Struggling To Market Their Programs

Mar 29, 2021

The real reason coaches are struggling to market their programs is because they are promoting an offer they know they can't really deliver on.

They lack knowledge & confidence - and it shows.

The solution is very simple: create an offer you can actually deliver.

This is very different than advice that just tells you to "implement the latest marketing technique".

If - deep down - you know you're not great at what you do - you will feel like an imposter.

Is a bigger megaphone (better marketing) really gonna help with that?

If this is you, I'm not calling you unethical or dishonest for promising something you can't deliver.

I know how you ended up where you're at. I've been there, too.

In fact, I would estimate that OVER 50% of online coaches can't really deliver on the results they are promoting.

And, I don't think that there's that many dishonest people out there.

I think that the industry teaches us to "choose a niche that people need" or to "model your business after other...

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3 Steps To Designing Your Ideal Coaching Business

Mar 29, 2021

Successful entrepreneurs want to become thought leaders all the time but are totally confused on how to break into the space.

They don't want to be a douchebag like the gurus they've been watching.

They want to do it their way.

They can, and there are 3 vital steps to making that happen.

In this episode I lay them out for you - my entire blueprint - so you can take action and start making the difference you crave.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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Why All The Marketing & Sales Programs Haven't Worked For You

Mar 26, 2021

You spent lots of money on marketing programs - but they didn't bring you clients.

It's not their fault - because you're the one procrastinating on what they told you to do.

The real problem? You signed up for a program that would teach you how to do something you don't enjoy & feel good about.

Would you ever go to a speed dating event and just agree to date the first person you meet and "make it work"?

Would you be cool with just adopting their values (whatever they may be)?

No, you'd go there with your particular set of values, and look for someone who matches them.

When selecting a marketing strategy - you're essentially selecting a partner.

This partner, your marketing, will become front and center of your daily activities as a coach.

What set of values are you using to select your marketing “partner”?

What criteria do you require in order for it to be a good match for you?

We all know marketing is critical to your success as a coach. The lifeblood of your...

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Need Affirmations & Visualizations To Get Excited?

Mar 22, 2021

Are you a coach who relies on “morning routine” activities (like affirmations and visualizations) to get in an excited state before working on your business?

Do you also use these every single morning to maintain a high level of belief and confidence in the offer that you sell?

What if - instead of manually inserting thoughts into your brain to create emotions..

You just picked a niche you’re really excited about…

And created an offer that you can truly deliver on?

A child doesn’t need any type of mental exercises to get in a peak state of excitement, or to be highly present and creative.

So when does the child get out of touch with that natural ability?

Let me talk a bit on why we end up choosing things we don’t want...

As we grow up, our parents and society spend a lot of time telling us what we should and should not do.

“Don’t sit there. Don’t pick that up. Don’t say that. Do this. Be good. Follow the rules”


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Not Excited About Your Niche?

Mar 19, 2021

If you were locked in a library for the entire day, and you could read books on any topic you wanted...

What types of books would you grab before you headed to the couch?

What subject areas are the most exciting for you to learn about right now?

Now, take your top 1 or 2 answers and ask yourself this...

"Am I serving my clients in this very same niche?"

If you're not, then your coaching business is out of alignment.

If you're not excited enough to keep learning and growing in a certain area, you're not excited enough to COACH in that area either.

The best coaches are the ones who really love what they help people with.

They're so passionate about it that you can feel it.

And, they have no trouble selling their program either because that passion is tangible in their marketing and on their sales calls.

So, how do so many coaches end up solving problems for clients that they aren't that excited about?

One reason is lack of confidence. They don't feel qualified yet in their area of...

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Make Hitting Your Goals Easy And Fun With Kristine Kolzing

Mar 17, 2021

Have you ever noticed that what most people really want is to FEEL a certain way?

We say we want more money or a better relationship, but what we really want is the feeling (we hope) these things will bring.

What if you could feel that way BEFORE getting the thing you say you want?

What if getting into that feeling would make getting what you want even easier?

Kristine Kolzing is an expert in "alignment", which means BEING the person you need to be first in order to get the things that you want.

This is the step we always miss (we think we need to achieve a goal and then it will make us into a certain person).

I was blown away by this perspective and learned a ton during our time together.

If you want to make success a lot more fun and easy - this is not an interview you want to miss.

Get more from Kristine here:


Facebook Group:


If you're a successful...

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You Can't Throw Gas On A Fire That Isn't Burning

Mar 15, 2021

If you're a coach doing less than 10K/month and you're overwhelmed by all of the different platforms and social media channels....

(Yet you're thinking that these platforms are the key to success in your business...)

It's time for a correction in your thinking.

These platforms are not your business and they will not save your business.

You can't throw gas on a fire that isn't burning.

Allow me to explain...

Coaching and training has been around as early as the 60's and 70's.

This is when seminars started to pop up and corporate companies began hiring coaches within their organizations in the 80's.

The internet didn't get big until the 90's - and even then, there wasn't a huge "online education" or "content creation" presence during that decade.

But - if Youtube, IG, FB, podcasts, email lists, webinars, funnels, websites, (and all the new sexy platforms like Community or Clubhouse) are the foundation of our coaching businesses, then....

What the hell did all those coaches do before...

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Your Website Doesn't Matter

Mar 12, 2021

If you're a coach doing less than six figures per year, here's a list of things that don't matter:

-your website
-your funnel
-your logo
-doing a launch
-setting up an email sequence
-any software like Kajabi or Clickfunnels (or any email software)

I see far too many people getting hung up on a piece of software, as if that software is somehow going to print them money and essentially "be" their business.

That's no different than going to Home Depot, buying a drill, and then hoping the drill will build you a new deck.

Software is simply a tool. A tool that you don't need (yet).

We aren't some startup in Silicon Valley - backed by millions of dollars - hoping to do some massive launch and make a big splash in the industry.

(By the way, many of those companies struggle for a long time to hit profitability, even with every resource)

You aren't going to build some funnel - run ads to it - and just print money.

You aren't going to build a course and just sell it like hotcakes (without a...

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Why No One Is Buying Your Online Course

Mar 08, 2021

Another week gone by - and not a single person has bought your online course.

You're posting on social media and even telling people about, but nothing is happening.

You even tried running paid ads to sell your course.

You got lost in the technical details, never got those to work, and just wasted time and money.

Now, your course just sits there, collecting dust.

You put your heart and soul into creating that course. You were positive that it would change lives (and also earn you a good income).

All around you it seems like other coaches are "crushing it with courses" -while you can barely sell a couple of them per month.


Now, with only a tiny, unpredictable stream of income, your coaching business is on life support.

You wonder if you're going to have to go back to (or stay in) the 9-5 grind for good.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for ya.

Let's start with the bad news: You never should have started out by trying to sell a course.

That's not how the game works.

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