Not A Single Call With A Prospect This Week?

Mar 05, 2021

This is for the coaches who are hiding from their prospects.

The ones who are doing loads of random stuff to try and grow their coaching business...

But avoiding (whether consciously or not) direct conversations with (& proposals to) real people over the phone or Zoom.

You don't have a marketing or sales problem - you have a belief problem.

I know you might think you have a marketing problem - "I just can't get people to talk to me!"

But if you showed me the Messenger conversations you've been having with people...

Would I see dozens and dozens of instances where you asked people to jump on a call?

I see new coaches fiddling with their websites, getting business cards and headshots made, and starting their podcast...

Getting the perfect "banner photo" for their FB profile and group.

I can go to that same new coach weeks or months later, and there will still be something he's "building out"..

"Gotta get this course done"

"Gotta set up Kajabi and get my funnels built"

"Working on...

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The Problem With Making "Revenue" Your Main Goal As A Coach

Mar 05, 2021

Focusing on how much money you need to make next month as a coach is the fastest way to disconnect yourself from the legacy you want to leave and the business you want to build.

Find out how to avoid this huge mistake that most coaches are making by tuning in.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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Is Writing Your Next Book Really The Answer?

Mar 01, 2021

Your book is finally finished & published. It's even on Amazon and has several 5 star reviews!

You've sold a few copies and gotten good feedback. You can also finally refer to yourself as "published author" (even though you self published).

You're certain that this book will be the thing that builds your audience.

That finally gets you noticed.

That gets you a stream of ideal clients.

That allows you to make the impact on the world that you crave.

So you wait.

Weeks go by. Months. Years.

The book starts to "collect dust", and the business remains virtually unchanged.

Yeah, you got a couple clients out of it. But not what you expected.

Was it worth it?

I did the exact same thing.

Published the book and sat back with a sense of completion and anticipation.

It's been 3 or 4 years now.

And I've maybe gotten 3 or 4 clients from the book. At best.

That's an average of one client per year.

Is that good enough for you?

The mistake I made was looking at people like Brendon Burchard or...

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How To Avoid An Empty Career

Feb 26, 2021

Your alarm goes off...6:15am. You stare at the ceiling fan rotating above you. In your stomach, a sense of dread is already brewing.

You're off to complete another low excitement day of working at a job that just pays your bills.

Inside of you - there's something more you want to give to the world. You have a calling. You want to leave the world a better place.

You want to change lives. You want to find real meaning in the work that you do.

You've even tried to start a business coaching and teaching others. You made a few bucks. But you couldn't really get it to work.

Your spouse and your friends told you that you were crazy, and that you needed to focus on keeping your job.

But no matter how much you try to push it down, that feeling won't go away.

The feeling that you were meant to do more.

You're not alone in feeling this way, and you're not wrong for wanting more.

The only thing left to do is to own who you are. Fully embrace it. Unashamedly.

To stop giving a fuck about what...

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When Modeling Other Successful Coaches Is A Bad Idea

Feb 25, 2021

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a coach was trying to model and copy the way the gurus marketed their businesses.

This led to about 6 years of starting and stopping dozens of marketing projects...

As well as multiple six figures invested in coaching and programs and seminars (and not a lot of ROI).

The funny part - that I learned in the end - was that I shouldn't have been listening to all the noise.

I should have gotten real about what type of marketing I wanted to build my business on the back of...

Only then would I be able to make an informed decision on who to hire to help me.

This episode will help you save a ton of money by not investing in the wrong coaching programs.

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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Do You Coach People In More Than One Area?

Feb 22, 2021

Coaches who coach people in more than one area....

(Example: You're a mindset coach, and a sales coach)

I have a question for you: Do you love one area more than the other?

Even just a little bit more?

What if you were to kill off the one you love the least, and really go all-in on the one you love the most?

Have you ever wondered how that would turn out?

(Of course, with a solid transition plan in place, reducing financial risk and getting loved ones on board, too)

I found myself coaching people in two areas in 2020: how to buy rental properties, and how to build a coaching business.

I felt that I liked helping people build coaching businesses "a little bit more" than helping them with real estate.

The difference didn't feel huge at the time.

I knew that focus was key to success as an entrepreneur, so I decided to kill off the real estate coaching and go all in on the other.

It wasn't until then that I really noticed just how much MORE I loved what I was doing now.

It made me think...

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5 Secrets To Growing A Coaching Business You Will Actually Love

Feb 19, 2021

6 years coaching plus spending 300K on my own coaches...

Still couldn't find the answers.

Turns out, they were right in front of me all along.

Here's the best advice I could ever give you on building your coaching business....the 5 "Secrets" that most coaches will never know.

To see if the 6 week workshop would be a great fit for you, DM me here:

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The Real Reason You Lack Excitement For Your Offer

Feb 19, 2021

I call myself the "Aligned Coach" - but last week I realized there was something big that was still out of alignment for me.

I've been leading with the offer to increase revenue for my clients, but making more money is not what is most important to me.

My coaching business already serves my ideal client, coaches and experts = in alignment.

My coaching business already solves the problem I'm most excited about, building coaching businesses = in alignment.

My offer promises to help other coaches hit six figures, which isn't the most important outcome to me = out of alignment.

Here's what's most important to me (my core values):

-Building a really fun coaching business that changes the lives of my clients
-Spending with family and friends, and
-Doing fun, recreational activities that give me exercise

Then I had an insight - what if I offered to show my clients how to do the exact same thing?

To show them how to create a coaching business where they:

1) Love the client they serve
2) Love...

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Are You Sure You're Serving Your Dream Client?

Feb 15, 2021

There is a certain type of person who gives you the most energy.

Let's call them Person A.

When you meet them for coffee, you completely come alive.

Conversation bubbles and overflows with passion and excitement.

Time flies by while you're locked in the moment - deep in the midst of an engaging, inspiring conversation.

You wish you could meet more people like Person A, and have more moments like these.

You don't realize it yet - but the clients you are going after in your coaching business are not this type of person.

They are people that have a problem you are confident you can solve - but they don't excite you the way Person A does.

Know what this results in?

Unexpressed resentment.

Resentment that you have 2 coaching calls on your calendar today.

Resentment that you have unanswered emails from clients.

Resentment to doing the things you need to do to grow your coaching business.

This happened because, when you chose your niche, you simply chose it based upon a skillset you had.


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Is Your Coaching Biz Burning You Out?

Feb 12, 2021

Daily Agenda =

Add friends
send DM's
create content
complete two sales calls
coach two clients

Feeling in your gut =


You have a successful coaching business (you even broke 20K/month recently), but something still feels off.

It almost feels like you're inevitably headed for a "dead end"...

A moment where you will be forced to turn the car around and go in a new direction.

The problem you solve for people is something you were really good at in the past.

You had massive success.

You chose your coaching niche based upon that skillset.

But, over time, if you're being honest with yourself, you've lost your passion for this niche.

You aren't interested in furthering your own skills and knowledge in it any longer.

You don't grab books on this topic, or listen to podcasts about it.

In fact, you've found a new love. A new subject area that you're really excited about.

One you can't seem to stop learning about.

This isn't what you coach your clients on.

But, sometimes you find yourself...

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