Jun 19, 2018

Have you or someone you know fallen into the “crypto” craze?

Do you know what you’re doing, or are you rolling the dice with your hard earned money?

I ask because too many people today have no idea what they are investing in.

They are just following hot investing trends with the hopes of striking it big.

Warren Buffett, the world's most successful investor, does the opposite.

When you ask Warren Buffett what his secret to successful investing is, he holds his hands together to form a circle.

He says: 

“Do you see this? This right here is my circle of competence. Anytime I have a new investing opportunity, I ask myself if it is within my circle of competence. Do I understand it? If the answer is no, then I don’t invest”

During the 90’s, the “Dotcom boom” made a lot of investors very rich. Internet stocks were killing it.

Warren famously missed out on all of those opportunities.

In fact, he did it on purpose. He didn’t...

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Jun 12, 2018

Want to know what the ONE THING all my clients/students have in common?

That one thing is MAJORLY holding many of them back.

It used to hold me back, too. Bigtime.

Here’s the story...

When I first got started in real estate, I was a one-man show.

I did literally everything in the business.

Even when I found an amazing 50/50 business partner and we split everything up, we STILL didn’t have enough time in the day to do everything we wanted to do.

Our revenue hit a ceiling as well, and stayed in pretty much the exact same spot for 2 or so years!

(even though we were working our asses off)

Fed up, we broke down and hired a coach. We needed a fresh perspective because what we were doing was NOT working.

Our coach took one look at our business, scratched his head, and asked:

“So, why are you guys doing everything yourselves?”

To be honest, we didn’t have a good answer. It’s how we’d always done it.

He said “Guys, you NEED to start...

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Jun 05, 2018

Are your friends dragging you down?

Do you hang out with naysayers who are always poo-pooing on your dreams?

Do you want to hang out with a group of people who will inspire you to go for it?

If so, I feel you. I did that for many years. It always kept me STUCK.

It wasn’t until I started hanging out with some really amazing people that I saw what was possible.

My standards raised. I started taking actions I never had before.

Now, I wish I could hang out in person with each and every one of you, but that’s just not possible. 

Facebook groups are the fix for that.

And yeah, social media gets a bad rep. It’s addicting, it’s a waste of time, it prevents real human interaction.

I agree with all that.

But still, I use Facebook every day as a business tool...to get my message out there, to network, to connect, to find like-minded people. 

In fact, I’ve gone on record saying that Facebook is the single most valuable tool for my businesses today!


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May 22, 2018

If you’re on my email list, there’s a decent chance you’ve read my book “Fire Yourself”.

It’s sold over 1,000 copies and helped a lot of real estate businesses.

I’m known by some as the “Acquisition Manager” guy. 

“Call Brian when you need help hiring an Acquisition Manager” or “Read his book!”

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I don’t even HAVE an Acquisition Manager anymore….

(What a fraud!)

Back in the heyday of flipping/wholesaling 100+ deals a year, I had several AM’s at a time. It was required to support the level of volume we were trying to do, and the amount of leads we were generating, spending thousands per week on marketing. 

A lot of you know that, last year, I stopped actively wholesaling and flipping houses for profits. 

My business partner and I split up and we went our separate ways.

A big reason it happened was because the business we had was not...

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May 08, 2018

I’m about to share with you one of the most obvious yet overlooked and not-spoken-about truths in the world of real estate investing.

Truth #1 - Flipping/wholesaling houses is a JOB.

Yes, you’re not sitting in a cubicle, so it’s better.

But it’s still a job you have to show up to everyday. You have to do lots of different activities to make those types of businesses successful.

Marketing, sales, finances, operations, project/rehab management, disposition, transaction coordination, office management, etc...

Then everyone says “But Brian, I’m going to automate my flipping/wholesaling business so I can step out of it”.

First of all, I wonder why they want to step out of it. “I thought you were passionate about it?” 

(wink wink, we’ll save that for another time)

But I say to them instead: “So who’s going to manage your people once it’s automated? They aren’t robots or software. They are human...

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Mar 15, 2018

Larry is an active real estate investor and travels the US speaking and training audiences at conventions, expos and Real Estate Investment Associations on his strategies for buying 10-15 properties per month without ever leaving his office. Check out what else this prolific investor is doing on his website here.


In this episode, Brian interviews real estate legend Larry Goins about how to implement one of the cheapest, most underused marketing channels in 2018!

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