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How to Build a Credible Personal Brand—FAST

Nov 29, 2023

If you have (or want to start) a personal brand…

But you don’t feel like you have enough credibility...

If people aren’t taking you seriously…

If people don’t trust you enough to buy your products yet…

Today we’re going to talk about a shortcut you can take that will allow you to get credibility..

And most importantly to get CUSTOMERS.

This shortcut won’t require waiting 1-2 years while you create content to build your social media audience.

Last week, I sold two 1:1 coaching calls.

$250—for a single call.

After the call, one of the guys I spoke to became a long-term client. I’m planning to start working with the other guy in a couple months.

This type of thing happens consistently for me.

The question is, where are these people coming from?

I’m not doing cold outreach.

How are they putting their trust in me? Because let’s be real, I don’t have a big, established personal brand in terms of a big social media audience.

The only way someone would pay $250 to speak to me for an hour is if they:

  • trust me
  • see me as credible
  • believe I can solve a problem they have

Here’s what both clients I got last week had in common:

They read my book Nail Your Niche.

When they reached out (after paying for the call), their emails sounded the same as they always do:

“I read your book. it was so helpful, I resonated with your story, I just need to get clarity on a couple of things. I’m excited to talk.”

Sometimes this happens even if someone just found me on YouTube two weeks ago.

They bought the book and read it…

Then paid $250 for a call…

Then paid thousands to work with me long-term.

Books speed up the process of trust and credibility.

This is because you hold more of their attention, for longer…

(since books are the longest form piece of content).

This is also because you solve their problem more deeply than anything else…

(since books are designed to go much deeper than other forms of content).

Note, that I did mention finding me on Youtube.

Let’s get one thing clear, most people find out about my book through the content I create.

The book doesn’t promote itself.

It’s critical that I create content that promotes the book.

The book takes someone from the content and warms them to being a customer much faster.

Just wanted to clear up any confusion there…

If you love the idea of having a client-getting book that bulbs your brand…

But you’re not sure if you’re “ready” to write a book yet..

Let’s talk about that.

You might be thinking:

  1. Doesn’t it take a long time to write a book?
  2. What if I can’t get a publishing deal?
  3. Can’t I just use AI to write the book for me?
  4. I don’t know how to navigate all the red tape—to get my book published on Amazon
  5. I don’t even know what my book would be about!

There are a ton of objections to writing a book. I’ve heard them all.

While I tackle all of these inside of my 1:1 coaching program, I know that not everyone is in a position to work with me directly.

So, I’ve been working on a secret project to make it possible for anyone to write a client-getting book.

I’m excited to say that it is finally READY.

My book Get Clients With a Book is now published and officially for sale.

I’m even giving this book away for FREE (I just ask that you pay for shipping).

When you buy Get Clients With a Book, here is what you will learn:

  • How to write your book easily even if you’re not good at writing
  • Why self-publishing is the best path for client-getting authors (and doesn’t hurt your credibility)
  • Where to use (and not to use) AI in your book writing process
  • How to package your book so that it stands out in the market and brings you clients
  • How to structure your book using the “Sandwich Method” (influenced by Russell Brunson)
  • How to create a lead magnet so that you turn all readers into warm leads on your email list
  • The critical 2-step process to install (that turns readers into clients)

When you buy Get Clients With a Book, here is what you will get:

  • A 148-page paperback book shipped straight to your doorstep, and a digital copy of the book to start reading right away
  • The Client-Getting Book Template, where your entire book layout has been prebuilt for you inside Google Docs, including writing prompts (plug and play)
  • Newsletter to Author Blueprint: How to turn the weekly email newsletters you already write into your book content
  • Kindle Simplicity - a crash course on how to take your book and get it on Amazon in all formats, (with hardly any extra work on your part) so you get the credibility of being a real, published author
  • Book Cover Express: Design a Captivating Book Cover in Canva (in Under 3 Hours)
  • Coaching Offer Accelerator: Break and rebuild your offer (the moneymaker behind your book) which takes all your efforts and multiplies them (based on Hormozi’s 100M Offer Framework)

All of this is available for ONLY the price of shipping, right here: 

OK, that was a mouthful. Don’t expect pitch-fests from me on a regular basis. But here I felt it was appropriate to make you aware of this new offer I’ve put together and all it includes.

For those of you who decide to dive in, I’m excited to see you on the other side.

Writing a book will give your brand a credibility boost like no other. You need credibility if you want more people to trust you (and hand over their money).

Happy writing,


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