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How to Get Clients in 2024 (what everyone gets wrong)

Dec 04, 2023

If you want to get more clients, but don’t know where to start…

If you’re trying 100 different things and nothing is working…

If you’re pitching people but they are saying NO…

These are all symptoms of the same problem.

Fix this problem and you will start to get clients.

But first, I have a question…

Do you guys like sandwiches?

Think of your favorite sandwich shop in your city.

But, imagine that the next time you went in, the guy at the counter was like:

“Uh, yeah, we don’t have a menu.

We have an idea of the sandwiches we sell, but I can’t describe it.

We don’t have any pictures either.

Would you like to buy one?”

What if you went back later, hoping it was fixed, and this time...

They only sold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

A sandwich store wouldn’t survive selling confusing or generic sandwiches.

Yet, coaches, creators, and personal brand builders try to survive selling confusing or generic offers.

Worse, some don't even have an offer, which guarantees that your monthly revenue stays at $0.

You either have to:

  1. Create your offer if you don’t have one, or
  2. Fix the shitty offer you already have

70% of the time when someone reaches out to me for help, they don’t have an offer yet.

25% of the time they have a shitty offer.

5% of the time they have a great offer and just need to market it more.

Alright, are you ready to fix your offer (or create one in the first place) so you can get clients?

First, we need to do a quick mindset shift.

I want you to stop thinking in terms of “getting clients” and start thinking about solving problems.

Don’t think: “How can I get more people to buy my stuff?"

Instead, think: “How can I solve a real problem effectively?”

Become a problem-solving machine and your wallet will grow.

That might sound basic, but I’ll be honest, it took me a long time (and a lot of failure) before I looked in the mirror and said:

Brian, you’ve got to stop all this other promotional shit, and start adding more value.

OK, with that in mind..

The first question is: “What problem are you solving?”

You might say: “I am helping people become more productive”

But, that’s not as good as it could be. Productive so that they can do what?

For example, I wouldn’t buy your productivity course. I don’t want productivity. That’s free all over the internet.

I personally want to be more productive so that I can generate a lot more content than I already am, and grow my social media following.

Now we’re getting somewhere. If you can help me systemize my content creation, I might hire you.

Then, inside the course, you can show me how to be more productive. You can change my mindset and all of that.

Get to the quantifiable end result they are after. Speak to that when talking about your offer.

Also, I fall into the categories of:

  • Coach
  • Creator
  • Author
  • Personal brand

That’s important too, because you want to hone in on the who you are solving the problem for.

Now, we have an offer for coaches creators — to help them grow their social media following through systemization.

That’s much more attractive. But, you’ll have a decent amount of competition with that offer, since it’s already being done everywhere.

If I was coaching you, I’d ask:

“What’s unique about your way of systemizing content creation?”

“What makes you better or different from everyone else out there?”

It’s worth spending some time here to identify what makes you unique, and explore how you can pull that to the front and show it off.

Going to the market with a generic offer is like opening a vanilla ice cream store on a street that already has 20 vanilla ice cream stores.

You’re fighting for a tiny slice of the pie. This plan makes no sense. Sell chocolate ice cream instead.

OK so far we’ve covered:

  1. Getting clear on who your offer is for
  2. Getting clear on the quantifiable end result the offer delivers
  3. Uncovering how your process is unique

If you can clearly define these 3 things, you are already miles ahead of everyone else out there struggling to get clients.

Beyond this, there’s an entire process you can go through to make your offer a whole better than the slapped-together offers of most of your competition.

Alex Hormozi documented this better than anyone in his book 100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No.

Here’s the most important thing to know from Alex’s book:

When your offer makes getting the result:

  1. Easier for the client
  2. Faster
  3. With less effort on their part

These are the levers you pull to get them to say “Yes”. That's how you get them to become a client.

In the example of the social media content system offer, let’s talk about how we could make it faster, easier, and more likely to succeed.


”We take the content you’re already making and repurpose into 10 new pieces a week, so you grow faster”


“We script every video for you, edit, upload, and schedule it. All you do is film.”

 More likely to succeed:

“I will work with you until you get 10,000 new followers, no matter how long it takes"

The more you can pull these levers in favor of the customer, the more likely they are to say yes.

If you want to get clients, it starts by having a great offer.

(That’s why Alex wrote 100M Offers as the first in his series of books)

This has been a crash course on offer creation. There’s a lot more to the process.

I summarized 100M Offers into a 90 minute actionable training that you get for free when you purchase a copy of my book Get Clients With a Book, here.

Also, when you write a client-getting book, you end up creating (or rebuilding) your offer by default, as part of the process, AND end up with a book too.

Go out and crush your offer and watch how the tides turn in your business…


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