You Don't Have To Go Crazy On Social Media To Change The World

Jun 09, 2021
Brian Ellwood
You Don't Have To Go Crazy On Social Media To Change The World

"I don't want to become one of those guys going crazy on Instagram all day"

(Words from one of my clients, a successful entrepreneur who is getting into coaching)

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that prevents people from getting into the education space.

They don't want to act like a tool on their IG stories all day or post pics of their car, their abs, or their margarita.

They want to share what they know and make a difference in the lives of others.

They want to have fun doing it. They don't want to feel fake while creating their message, or do things that compromise their authenticity.

If this is you, then I have good news...

Sharing your voice in a way that fits you best is not just something you CAN do, it's pivotal to your long term success.

In this podcast episode, I dive into how to make that crucial decision (on how you should share your voice) so that content creation becomes fun and natural for you.


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What "They" Aren't Telling You About Choosing Your Niche

Jun 02, 2021
Brian Ellwood
What "They" Aren't Telling You About Choosing Your Niche

How should you choose your niche? Do you just go with what you know best?

Or what you're most passionate about?

What if you want to help people with something but you don't have a lot of confidence in your ability to get them results?

It's these fundamental decisions that are holding most would be online experts back - even though they think they just need more IG followers.

I have a precise method that I use to help my clients chisel out their ideal niche in such a a way that it combines all of the things in a perfect blend.

If you haven't found the marriage between what you LOVE doing the most and what you can DELIVER on to your clients...

Then it's likely you aren't coaching (or planning on coaching) in your ideal niche.

This episode will fix that.

Let me know if this episode helps you and if you have questions, you can reach me at:

[email protected]

To your success!


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How To Avoid...
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The #1 Mistake I Made In Growing My Audience

May 26, 2021
Brian Ellwood
The #1 Mistake I Made In Growing My Audience


If you're overwhelmed by all of the different social media platforms that you can be using to grown your education business...

Then it's likely you're making the same BIG mistake I was (that slowed my audience growth to a halt).

I've recorded a podcast episode that shows you 1) that you don't need to focus on all these different platforms and 2) why doing so is probably the reason that you aren't growing your audience.

I also show you HOW to think about which platform you should choose, and give you permission to go after what you will be able to do with joy and consistency (the key to success).

This is an episode that will not only save you years of struggle, but also make your days a lot more fun and productive.

You'll also be a lot clearer about exactly what you're supposed to sit down and do when you get to work each day (which is a big reason many online coaches and experts fail - they don't know what to work on!)

Let me know if this episode helps you and if you have...

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How You Can Get A Clear Vision For Your Coaching Business Using "The Grid"

May 19, 2021

If you've struggled with procrastination, it can be caused by a lack of a clear vision.

Simply put, you can't see how you should roll out the products and programs in your coaching business.

You don't want to start working on something only to realize it was the wrong thing - and have to change gears again.

In this training I show you how to use "the grid" to know what products you should create over the course of your career.

This video was inspired by a talk Brendon Burchard gave, found here:

To see if my 6 week 1:1 coaching program would be a fit for you, DM me here:

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Do You Find Yourself "Strategy Hopping" Every Few Months?

May 12, 2021

Are you eternally seeking the “best” strategy to grow your education business?

Then, once you find it, abandoning it 2 months later for the next greatest thing?

Here’s what is really going on:

You haven’t yet realized that “the best” strategy has less to do with what the gurus say will bring in money the fastest…

And more to do with what feels right for you.

The best strategy is in alignment with the legacy you want to leave, and the average workday you want to have.

This is why many coaching programs don’t work. They try to fit you into a mold.

Everyone must do it my way. Get in a single file line. Stand here. Bedtime at 8pm sharp.

Are you ready to end all of this strategy switching bullshit, drop your FOMO, and start building the business that you will be proud of and enjoy running?

First, you need to define what’s going to work for you. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what that is.

You don’t need to give...

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Are You Suffering From "Delegation Shame"?

May 12, 2021

I coined a new term recently: delegation shaming.

It means judging other people for paying for something that "they could do themselves".

Many people are hesitant to buy back their time by investing in delegation (getting help) because they fear being judged by their friends and families.

Instead, they continue to use time (the most precious resource) towards things they'd rather not be doing, instead of investing that time into the things that matter to them.

In this episode I break down this concept more, show you how I delegate almost everything, and help you get over the "delegation shame" so you can start getting back time to put towards what matters most.

To find out more about The Coaching Blueprint, the 6 week intensive that starts on May 20th, go here:

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The Hidden Thing That Keeps Most Would-Be Coaches On The Sideline

May 10, 2021

I spoke with a client yesterday who had been spending time watching the coaching “gurus” on Youtube.

He made the comment that “if that’s what it’s gonna take, then I don’t know if I want to do it”.

This guy is ultra successful, has a huge company, and is a strong leader and businessman. It would be a shame if he didn’t share his message.

What he didn’t want was to build a monster education company that took up all his time. He didn’t want to post content all day.

He didn’t want to put himself out there online and share a ton of details about his life and business. He didn’t want to brag about his success.

He also shared that he’s the type of person who needs to be able to see the whole picture before he will be inspired to go to work. He needs to be able to see a realistic and inspiring vision for what he’s going to build.

He needs to know that this business will give him the meaning and impact he...

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Why You Must Get Clear On Who You Serve

May 07, 2021

If your content is speaking to a new person every time, your customers will be confused about what you do and will not ask to work with you.

A big mistake I made during my first 5 years as an educator was that I “just turned on the camera and talked” or “just wrote freely and posted”.

I followed whatever I was inspired by - that was my content for the day.

Frustrated by my lack of results, I decided to do a “content audit”.

I looked at the last 20 posts/videos I had created and discovered something funny…

Exactly 10 of them were speaking to one type of person…

And the other 10? They were speaking to a different person entirely!

It wasn’t until I hired an amazing coach by the name of Eleanore Strong that I realized I was still unclear on who my ideal client was.

I also realized that there was more to the story than just knowing “who” I helped.

I also needed to be clear about what stage of the journey they are at...

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How To Avoid Making Bad Business Decisions

May 05, 2021

One of the biggest things that will sabotage your education business is constantly changing your strategy.

By this I mean always changing who you serve, the niche you help them in, the way you create content, the platforms you’re present on, & your product itself.

I know this issue all too well, as I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I’ve pivoted several times in each of the aforementioned areas.

The reason I kept changing is because I hadn’t found what was right for me yet. So I had to change. But, the way I was going about making the decisions was wrong.

Bad decision making > Wrong decision > Need to pivot/change again

The real problem?

I was making the decisions with my head, not my heart.

It’s crazy to look back on how much time, energy, and money I spent on trying to make the wrong things work. I now realize that making the wrong strategic decision about my business slowed me down in a huge way. It only led me to dead ends and caused me to...

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The Secret Behind Brendon Burchard's 9 Figure Education Empire (& How You Can Start Using It Today)

May 05, 2021

Brendon Burchard's secret lies not only in his high level of presence, enthusiasm, and energy...

The guy is also a strategic business genius who has a unique and powerful way of deciding what products he will create, called an "integrated product suite"...

When you understand this you will not only see how you can scale your education business to the upper level like Brendon did...

But you'll also be able to see the roadmap for how the business will evolve and grow over time (which seeing the vision is crucial for a lot of people before they can take action).

Tune in to find out what he does and how you can implement this in your business too.

Here's the video where he explains his product grid (start around the 14 min mark):

To find out more about The Coaching Blueprint, the 6 week intensive that starts on May 20th, go here:

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