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Apr 15, 2024

97% of aspiring authors start their book, but never actually publish it.

Yet, if they did, amazing things could happen.

My books have created 400 high-ticket clients for my business. 

Readers book calls with me and it’s like we’re already friends.

My books have gotten me in the door at big names like and with Donald Miller/Storybrand.

They work great.

It’s like a virtual salesman that works for you 24/7, building your brand and bringing you clients. 

But, there’s a BIG problem that prevents most people from becoming published authors.

It’s a lot of work.

You know this.

That’s why you are hesitant to get started.

What if you don’t finish?

What if you work for months and months, only to get caught in the weeds and quit?

You’re right to be concerned — because of the startling statistic I already shared:

97% of books never make it to publication.

That’s right…

97 out of 100 books that aspiring authors begin never see the light of day.

The Real Cost of Not Finishing Your Book 

Getting a book done is going to cost you something financially, whether you do it on your own or hire help. I’ll break down how much in a bit.

But, whatever it costs you is easy to recoup in terms of brand deals, clients, opportunities, book royalties, and more.

The real cost of a book isn’t the money it costs you to get it done.

The real cost is the time you will never get back if you start a book but don’t finish (and join the 97%).

Time is far more valuable than money.

I don’t want this to be you. 

I want you to get all the way to the finish line.

I want you to be in the 3%.

I want you to reap the rewards of being a published author, like: 

  • Becoming the go-to person in your niche
  • Boosting your credibility, authority, and confidence
  • Having opportunities and deals fall in your lap because of your author status
  • Getting clients and customer knocking down your door to work with you
  • Being able to raise your prices due to authority + demand

You stand to gain so much.

Yet, there's a massive mountain to climb. 

(In fact, there’s three. More on that in a minute)

I’ve been racking my brain on how to make this easier for you.

Here’s the question I ask again and again:

How could I guarantee that my clients would become published authors — with books they were exceptionally proud of (not some AI garbage)?

How could I ensure that my clients made back 10 times what I charged them?

These are the questions I answered when creating Author Accelerator.

Author Accelerator is my flagship 1:1 coaching program for aspiring authors who want to write client-getting, brand-building books — with as much ease as possible.

Many of my Accelerator clients are busy and successful. They don’t have time to manage a book project.

They want to make their unique contribution to their book — and leave the rest to me.

They want to do the minimum required to get the maximum result.

(haha, don’t we all)

In order to understand how Author Accelerator allows them to do that...

We have to zoom out and look at the overall strategy behind using a book to grow your brand and get clients.

If you want to squeeze all the juice out of the fruit (that is your future book)…

There are three mountains to climb.

Let's look at them now.

(note: I will be presenting them out of order)

Mountain #1: Publish on Amazon

Part of boosting your credibility and authority means becoming a published author. 

And yes, self-published still means published.

Putting your book on Amazon — the world’s #1 seller of books — is critical to the success of your book.

People feel comfortable buying books on Amazon.

People will find your book organically based on keyword searches.

You’ll get credibility from the sheer fact that your book is on there.

Your family will be proud.

But, getting your book on Amazon is quite a bear.

You have to figure out a bunch of technical stuff like:

  • Cover Design
  • Formatting
  • Navigating multiple formats (paperback, hardcover, Kindle, audiobook)
  • Figuring out your keywords & categories
  • Uploading to KDP & hitting publish

Then, you publish on Amazon and start promoting your book.

But, here’s a big misunderstanding that most people have… 

You should not tell people to go buy your book on Amazon!


Mountain #2: Build Your Book Funnel

If you’ve ever seen Russell Brunson promote any of his books, you’ll notice that he always points people to his book funnels (and for good reason)...

He wants to make more money per customer via upsells + acquire their contact information so he can follow up and direct them to his backend programs.

You can’t do these things when someone buys your book on Amazon.

Amazon is Amazon’s territory. 

Your book funnel is your territory.

Inside your book funnel, you call the shots.

You should always direct people to buy your book inside your book funnel.

A book funnel is a critical part of your overall book project.

All the big marketing players use book funnels - people like Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Myron Golden, & Dan Henry...

Model the behavior of successful people.

Use a book funnel.

When complete, it’s quite a beautiful machine.

It sells, delivers, and follows up for you…


(These are the pages in my book funnel. You can see how I have more opportunities to sell products and a thank you page to present a webinar)

(One super powerful feature of a funnel is the automated email sequence you build, that triggers when someone buys your book. It follows up with them forever until they become a client.)

While this is all cool, I have some bad news...

Book funnels are a lot of work to build.

It's like learning a new language.

The funnel is about half as much work as writing the book itself.

I can feel your anxiety building. 

Don’t worry, I've got you. 

But I have to deliver one final gut-punch first.

Mountain #3: Write the Manuscript

Writing your manuscript will be your biggest time commitment. 

It’s also unavoidable if you want a book truly written in your own voice that communicates your wisdom.

It can take 8-12 weeks — writing 1-2 hours per day — to produce a high-quality manuscript. 

That’s just real talk.

In summary, here are the 3 big mountains:

  • Write the manuscript
  • Publish on Amazon
  • Build your book funnel

Now you know what you need to do.

Here’s what it will take to do it.

You can expect to spend the following amounts of $ get your book on Amazon + build your book funnel:

Sure, you may be able to do some of that by yourself, like writing your own emails. 

But if you write them yourself…

And it takes you one hour per email…

And you value your time at $250/hour…

That’s still a cost of $2,500 to you, whichever way you look at it.

Even if you were to outsource every single part of your book project…

You have to find, interview, and deal with multiple contractors at the same time.

You can expect to spend at least 42 hours on the book project, even if you outsource everything, broken down like this:

So after spending 7K to outsource, you spend 42 hours to manage your outsourcing.

If you value your time at $250/hour, that’s $10,500 invested into the book project.

$10,500 (time cost) + $7,652 (money cost) = $18,152

Now you’re at 18K to get your book done…

And, here’s the worst part:

You’re stuck playing the role of “Project Manager”...

(with zero experience in writing books)

Imagine trying to juggle ten balls at once.

That’s what it feels like to take all this on for your first time.

Are you starting to see why 97% of would-be authors never make it?

When I put together Author Accelerator, I asked myself:

“What would make this so much easier for you?”

The simple answer is: 

You need someone to handle all this for you.

You need someone who is going to act like your “project manager”, who leaves you out as much as possible.

In a dream world, you would have someone DO EVERYTHING that does not require your unique genius.

That’s what Author Accelerator is all about.

Inside this program, I have included everything in Mountains #1 and #2.

My team and I will: 

  • Edit your book from start to finish
  • Format your manuscript for all formats
  • Design your cover (with your input)
  • Purchase your ISBN #’s (on our dime)
  • Research your Keywords & Categories using our paid software Publisher Rocket
  • Build your entire book funnel for you (write all your landing page copy and all your email sequences)
  • Either hire & communicate with contractors for you (which we pay) or do the work in-house.

To put it simply, all the “junk” that comes with this project will be handled by yours truly. 

You get to sit back and relax, like a director in a movie.

Picture yourself sitting in your director's chair with an iced latte, pointing fingers at people, telling them what to do.

(you snob)

“But what about that pesky Mountain #3 Brian?" you're asking...

Don’t I still have to write my manuscript? That part terrifies me!”

Yes, this is still your cross to bear. 

But, like the rest of the program, I’ve made it as easy as I can.

Not only will I build your manuscript inside of Google Docs myself…

Including all the chapters to write + writing prompts…

You also get me as your personal 1:1 writing coach.

You get ten 60 minute, 1:1 writing sessions with me.

You can schedule these at your pace.

I will hold you accountable to getting it done.

I’ll help you with structure so that the writing process is as easy as it can be. 

If your writing sucks, I’ll tell you, and show you how to make it great.

I'll help you write a page turner.

If you have a book that's already published, we will restructure it in a way that moves readers to become customers and clients.

What Does All Of This Cost? 

We’ve established that it’s going to cost you in the neighborhood of 18K to write your book on your own.

Working with me includes everything you would otherwise spend time or money on.

A good portion of the 18K is effectively “recouped” when we work together. 

I am absorbing big costs for you (like editing, book funnel building, and all that other stuff)

I could charge 18K for this and it would be a deal.

I probably will down the road.

Due to the level of value this program provides, the price absolutely can’t stay where it is much longer. 

I’ve decided to offer three more action takers the opportunity to get in at the current price — then it's going UP.

The current price is $9,800.

Payment plans are available.

 What’s it worth, really?

I’ve given a logical pitch here (time + money) for my left-brained folks. 

But, allow me to refocus on the big picture.

  • What do you truly stand to gain when you have a book on Amazon + in a book funnel?
  • How much money do you believe you can make from book sales + client revenue?
  • What types of opportunities do you believe the book will open up for you?
  • Can you land speaking gigs and podcast interviews?

That’s all “upside”, and we haven’t even discussed it. 

I’m going to let you put a $ figure on what a book can do for your brand and business.

Books have generated multiple seven figures for me.

What do you think a book can do for you, in the next 12 months alone?

To secure one of the last three spots before the price goes UP, use the link below to book a time with me.

Let’s make sure your business is in the right spot first:

Here’s to you becoming a client-getting published author this year :)


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