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The Secret Behind Brendon Burchard's 9 Figure Education Empire (& How You Can Start Using It Today)

May 05, 2021

Brendon Burchard's secret lies not only in his high level of presence, enthusiasm, and energy...

The guy is also a strategic business genius who has a unique and powerful way of deciding what products he will create, called an "integrated product suite"...

When you understand this you will not only see how you can scale your education business to the upper level like Brendon did...

But you'll also be able to see the roadmap for how the business will evolve and grow over time (which seeing the vision is crucial for a lot of people before they can take action).

Tune in to find out what he does and how you can implement this in your business too.

Here's the video where he explains his product grid (start around the 14 min mark):

To find out more about The Coaching Blueprint, the 6 week intensive that starts on May 20th, go here:


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