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If you are an aspiring coach, consultant, or expert who has struggled to get clients, here's the 4 BIG reasons why that is happening:

1) Most experts are unclear on who they are serving and the outcome they create for that person.

At best, they have a vague idea of who they serve, and are sometimes stuck serving someone they'd rather not.

Being unclear on how you want to serve and the specific outcome you will create for them is the real reason you are creating content but no on is listening.

They don't know if you can help them and how that would look. They probably couldn't even clearly explain what it is that you do.

That's a big problem and leads to weak marketing, no sales, and a lot of time wasted on content creation.

Doing something you'd rather not (like coaching in the wrong niche) leads to procrastination, low energy, lack of excitement, and mediocre results at best. (Ask me how I know, I coached in the wrong niche for 5 years!)

In the Expert Business Blueprint, we go deep to find out who the person is that you'd love to serve but also CAN serve with effectiveness.

We uncover the problem that you're most excited to solve for people right now, and find the smaller piece of the problem that we can authentically solve with 100% confidence (just wait until you feel the difference that this makes when you go out and sell your refined program).

Summed up, you'll be 100% clear on who you serve and the outcome you create for them. You'll also love this person and care about this outcome, AND be able to produce this outcome.

Getting these pieces in alignment are the foundation of a thriving expert business and what most people are missing.

2) Once you have everything we talked about above, it's time to shape it into a crisp program so you can launch, sell, start making money and helping people.

Many would-be experts aren't even selling anything (because of lack of clarity on the items mentioned in #1).

So, it's no wonder they aren't making any money. 

In the Expert Business Blueprint, we will create your entire program. You will not only have a sharp, written version of your program you can send to prospects, but you'll know how to talk about it in your content as well (crucial).

You'll also decide whether you will coach 1:1, in a group, leverage an online course to help with teaching, etc.

3) Many experts are either not creating content consistently, or they are but they feel inauthentic and don't enjoy it. Either is a recipe for failure. 

In the Expert Business Blueprint, we will go through a process to determine how you want to share your voice and change lives.

This is really important to get right. Your choice must fit your personality.

You can't be doing Facebook lives all day if you're an introvert who doesn't enjoy this, and if you love talking to people, you might not want to sit at a coffee shop and write a book.

I will show you how to align this critical decision with what gives you energy and excites you, so that you can do what you have to do, which is consistently create content for years to come.

4) Most experts wake up everyday, drink coffee, open social media, scratch their head, and ask "so what should I do today?"

They don't have absolute clarity on the action items that will move the needle in their business. They don't have a routine to follow. This leads to working long hours and getting no results.

I work about 25 hours per week in my coaching business and have made six figures every year for the last 5 years.

I used to waste time on a bunch of ineffective stuff and now I have a focused routine that allows me to work less hours and do more of what I love.

In the Expert Business Blueprint, we will build your routine too, so that you never have any doubt about what you should do when you sit down to work.


6 Week Course Curriculum:

1) Define Your Impact - We will define the type of client you'd love to serve, their starting point, and the outcome you want to create for them. Not being clear on these things is where most people fail. You are likely experienced in multiple areas, but we need to uncover what you're most inspired by and also best suited to help. Sometimes this will be a different niche than the one you have a track record in. Spending extra time thinking on these topics has prevented many of my clients from wasting time going down the wrong path.

2) Build Your Program - Together we will build the exact program that you will take your clients through. This involves writing up your offer so you can talk about it (similar to this post) as well as shaping the finer details of your program, like deciding whether you will coach 1:1, in a group, leverage an online course to help with teaching, write a book etc. I have successfully published a book and sold several online courses. I have years of experience coaching clients 1:1 and in groups of up to 15 people as well as building multiple courses on Kajabi, so I can share the pros and cons of each. We will also factor in the day-to-day lifestyle you want your business to provide and that will help inform how we build your program. I'll explain how to think about the strategic way you roll out your products.

3) Share Your Voice - Once you nail #1 and #2, it’s time to start putting your message out there. This is where we choose a format (audio, video, text) that you enjoy creating and a platform where it makes sense to publish. I will show you the proven framework for structuring each piece of content so that it gets people asking to work with you. I will give you my process for taking one piece of content and repurposing it everywhere using an assistant.

4) Establish Your Daily Routine - Once we’ve laid the foundation of your business via #’s 1-3, we will build a simple routine you can follow so that you know exactly what to do when you sit down to work. This routine will provide you with a checklist of the most important activities and take the guesswork out of your work days. 90% of what I do every day comes from my daily routine spreadsheet, and I’ll reveal what I do and help you build your own.

Our calls during weeks 5 & 6 will be reserved for Q&A and additional training. These extra weeks will ensure we have time to work through any issues that get in the way of launching your business, whether they have to do with mindset, strategy, or tactics.

Here's what will happen when you join:

You will be sent instructions on how to join our weekly live Zoom calls. On those calls, I will deliver that week's training to you live (curriculum down below) and then we will reserve ample time for Q&A.

Calls will last 90-120 minutes and happen on Thursdays at 2pm MST starting May 20th and running through July 1st.

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