Is there a way to finally stop trading your time for dollars, so you can spend time doing the things you love? What if you could you do that with just 12 rental properties, even if you had no cash and no experience? 12 Houses to Freedom tackles all of these questions and more. If financial freedom and lifestyle is your goal, this podcast will give you the answers you need.

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Very Focused Approach To Investing
I look forward to Brian’s podcast more than any other. He has a very clear vision with very clear steps to get to a reachable goal. There are many ways to invest and Brian’s approach is not fa$t ca$h, but will make you wealthy instead.
— Ericlkmaryfl , 05/25/2019
One of my favorite podcasts
I love this podcast for the awesome content and brevity. Perfect 👌🏾‼️. Brian is awesome cuz he’s passionate about helping and teaching. He don’t need to put on a show like most do and try to be so uber cool. And he’s trying to help us succeed not take all our money. Thanks for the podcast Brian! You da man!
— TxAnakonda , 05/21/2019
Great info!
Brian provides great insight and excellent content in his podcasts. As an investor that’s done a lot of deals over the years, it’s always a great to have a reminder on why I got in this business to begin with. Freedom!! Thanks for what you do Brian, and the value you provide to the REI community!
— Tducats , 04/29/2019
Great Perspective & coach
I happily purchase Brian’s programs from virtual real estate investing to 1 on 1 coaching. The podcast are informative and he breaks down complex concepts to the point you ask “why am I not living my dream?”. The guest that contribute to the podcast are great reference points for every venture in life. Well done Brian. You’ve motivated me to kick myself into gear and start my business in America.
— Marque J. Daniels , 05/02/2019
Super Rad / Great Info!
Brian does a great job selecting topics and bringing in knowledgeable guests. I appreciate his flow and comfortability on the mic. I highly recommend anyone who desires to learn real estate in a fun, quick environment give Brian’s podcast a listen.
— Psquared23 , 05/09/2019
Powerful Content!
Brian goes beyond just “12 houses to freedom”. He reviews in miniscule detail, steps to help you disover who you are, what your purpose is, and how to achieve living your “pefect day”. I highly recomnend this podcast to anyone seeking personnel fulfillment and living the life you were meant to live.
— Financial Freedon Fighter , 05/15/2019
An actual real life blueprint to investing success
This gem is the only resource I’ve found that tells the average person in real world terms how to build a portfolio — from market research to acquisition to financing (yes, you do this with financing and he tells you how).

I started buying rentals in 2008, and I read everything I could get my hands on about investing. Much of the big titles and names are the same today as they were then. Very little (if any) information from these resources work when it comes to the actual business of investing in real estate. They get you excited. That is all. This program is different. It is a bit of a unicorn in that it actually takes you step by step through the process of building an income stream by identifying, financing and purchasing the right properties, and essentially establishing financial freedom.

Those day to day pitfalls are addressed too. Those problems that pop up that you had no idea were possible are addressed as well. This guy started with one house and has worked through these issues. Just an excellent resource all around.
— Nick5171981 , 04/23/2019