$300.00 USD

1:1 Coaching Call

$300 for a single coaching call?

Yes. Here's why.

You're stuck on some critical detail about your book (or niche, which the two are related).

You aren't taking action due to lack of clarity.

The time you're wasting doing nothing will cost you far more than this coaching call ever will.

If you want to build your brand online, help people, and make a difference..

NOW is the time to be doing that. TODAY.

You have to publish content (books, videos, posts, newsletters) so you can acquire digital real estate while it's still cheap.

In other words, the game of "media" is getting more competitive every day.

It will never be easier than it is today.

If you get a single extra client, due to the help you get on our call, it will cover the cost of this call (and a lot more).

But, getting clarity (so you can RUN in the right direction) is far more valuable in the end.

Also, I can't sell my time for any cheaper than this. I will likely raise the price soon. I will eventually remove the 1:1 option entirely.

If you're here reading this, take the leap.

I've got your back.


This is a 75 Minute Coaching Call on Zoom.

  • We'll have a back and forth via email before the call to show up with a clear agenda and hit the ground running.

  • You'll have the opportunity to record the call

  • This does not include email support from me after the call

  • P.S. - If you want more help after our 1:1 call, we can talk about a longer-term package.

  • Let's make sure we're a good fit and see if we can fix your issue inside a single call first