"I've worked with multiple coaches over the years, and this is the best resource on clarifying your niche that exists." -Wade A.

Without CLARITY, Getting Clients Will Always Be a CHALLENGE.

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"I have sold 10's of millions in coaching. If anyone asked for my help with their coaching business, I would immediately give them this book."
- Joe McCall, Two Comma Club X Award Winner
Dear Coaches & Creators, 
My name is Brian Ellwood, and in my book Nail Your Niche...
I will show you how I started out as a new, confused coach....
Started a coaching business in the WRONG niche...
Spend multiple six figure on all the "guru programs"...
Only to realize that none of them could help me until I got clear on:
* Who I would love to serve
*The niche I was most passionate about
*The tangible result I could deliver my clients
*What made me unique from all my competition
You see, there's no point in being another cookie cutter copy of everyone else.
There's no point in creating about topics you aren't passionate about.
Oh, and if you are serving a client you don't love (who gives you energy)...
You're on a crash course for failure.
It's time to clarify and pivot before it's too late.
I've written the ultimate guide on how to build your coaching business on the RIGHT foundation.
 And it's yours for less than an iced oatmilk latte.
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There's a way to do this that is WAY easier than any of the terrible cold-DM type strategies being used today.

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