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"Discover How I've Generated 400 High Ticket Clients From Simple, Self-Published Books"

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What Is Get Clients With a Book™?

Get Clients With a Book is the system I've used to generate 400 clients from books.

This A to Z process will show you exactly how to write a book that generates clients for your business.

To do that, we focus on these 3 things:

#1: Packaging: Most books will never see the light of day.

That's because they are nothing more than a carbon copy of all the other books already out there.

Get Clients With a Book will show you how to write a book that stands out from the competition as unique. This is the key to selling your book, which directly leads to getting clients.

#2: Indoctrination: Many creators and entrepreneurs take calls with prospects who are ice cold.

The prospect may not even be aware of your methods or how you can help them.

Then you have to spend your entire call educating them on the process, which is inefficient and usually leads to them saying "I've got to think about it"

When you write your book via the Client-Converting Manuscript, it turns readers into raving fans of your methodology.

They go from Cold > Hot, and you start liking sales calls again (because they close).

#3: Conversion: Most books don't even have a plan to make more money from their readers. A client-getting book is the polar opposite.

From the beginning, we will design your Customer Journey — so that your book readers can easily and naturally take the next step to hiring you.





When You Order Your Copy Today — Here’s a Sample of the Benefits You’ll Get...


Inside Get Clients With a Book, I share exactly how I’ve use self-published books to generate 400+ high-ticket clients for my business.

Here's a highlight reel of what you'll discover inside this new book:

Part One: Prepare

  • Page 8: The journey I went on from broke coach to self-publishing three books that have generated 400 clients for my business.
  • Page 19:  How you can write a book (including unknown writing techniques) if you genuinely feel that you are not good at writing.
  • Page 24:  How to decide whether to hire a ghostwriter or use AI to help write your book.
  • Page 28: How anyone can use a book to get clients without getting a traditional publishing deal (Why publishing deals can even get in the way of your goal of getting clients)
  • Page 30: The 8 Reasons why books work so well to generate high-quality clients for your business.

Part Two: Package

  • Page 44: How to identify the target demographic your book is for (make marketing your book 10x easier)
  • Page 52: How to hone your book concept around a single, quantifiable outcome (so your prospects know exactly what they’re getting and buy easily)
  • Page 59: How to craft your Unique Angle (make your book stand out from every other book in your niche, so you can compete in the crowded marketplace)
  • Page 67: How to select the perfect title, subtitle, and book cover to catch someone's immediate attention and get them to buy.

Part Three: Produce

  • Page 72: Discover The Sandwich Method (the exact way to structure your book’s contents) to take your reader on a journey that maximizes their chances of becoming a client.
  • Page 80: How to tell your Origin Story so that your readers feel an instant connection with you, trust yo more, and become more likely to hire you.
  • Page 86: How to crush the top 3 objections your reader has, freeing them to act on what they learn in your book, get results, & have a glowing experience of you.
  • Page 96: How to create your Signature Framework, which acts as the “meat” of your book, and teaches your method in the perfect level of detail (without going overboard)

Part Four: Publish

  • Page 112: How to create the Perfect Lead Magnet that gets the email addresses of your readers so you can follow up and turn them into clients.
  • Page 117: The AI-leveraged editing method that will carve your manuscript into a punchy masterpiece
  • Page 121: Your quick start guide to publishing on Amazon (so you get more credibility and and more eyeballs on your book
  • Page 135: How to avoid the Opportunity Switch (rookie author mistake that is a death sentence for your book)
  • Page 140: Your Action Checklist (every action item in the book organized for you in one place — in order — so you always know what your next step is)

Here's What Readers Are Saying...

Order Now and Get All These Bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1: Client-Getting Book Template

  • Every chapter pre-built for you inside Google Docs
  • Writing Prompts and Tips on how to complete each chapter
  • Video training to show you exactly how to write your entire book for free using Google Docs
  • This takes everything you learn in the book and puts it into a plug-and-play writing template.
  • You've already started writing your book the moment you open it. 

Bonus #2: Kindle Simplicity

  • Most programs that help you write a book don't help you become a real published author
  • This training shows you how to get your book published on Amazon quickly
  • You will learn how to make your book available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover versions
  • You will learn how to choose the best keywords, categories, and write a powerful book description
  • Getting your book on Amazon will give you more credibility AND make you more money

Bonus #3: Book Cover Canva Template

  • Save up to $800 by designing your own book cover in less than 3 hours
  • 45 minute video training that walks you through every step
  • Get the exact template I used to create the cover for Get Clients With a Book in Canva
  • Create book covers for Kindle, paperback, and hardcover version
  • Plug-and-play & beginner friendly

Bonus #4: Offer Accelerator

  • Break down and rebuild your OFFER in this 90 minute actionable training
  • Built upon Alex Hormozi's 100M Offers framework
  • If you're a coach, consultant, or service provider, this training will make your offer much better
  • This will lead to a lot more clients buying from your book. 

Bonus #5: Video Creation Workshop

  • The best way to promote your book is video on social media
  • I paid 10K to work 1:1 with top YouTube gurus (like Ali Abaal) & put everything I learned into this course to help you create videos that sell books
  • The more (and better) video content you create, the more books you sell
  • The more books you sell, the more clients you get.
  • Learn how to come up with video ideas
  • Learn how to script a video for maximum views
  • Learn how to film and edit long form and shorts/reels




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