"3 Critical Reasons Why You Must Nail Your Niche NOW (before it's too late)"

**14 Day Nail Your Niche 1:1 Challenge Details Inside**


From the Desk of Brian Ellwood

Denver, CO

Dear coaches & creators…

You're struggling with your niche.

I get it. We all do at some point.

You may have read Nail Your Niche — but something still isn't clicking.

So there you sit — on the sidelines — feeling like your hands are tied.

In a moment, I'm going to invite you to join the 14-Day 1:1 Nail Your Niche Challenge.

Before I do, I need to make you aware of just how serious your problem is.

There are three major reasons why you must find your niche — and find it fast.

Reason #1: You're Missing Out on A Gold Rush

Every time I drive into the Rocky mountains, I see a bunch of abandoned gold mines in the foothills.

In the 1850's, a ton of gold was discovered here.

Everyone rushed to grab it.

In about a decade, the gold was mostly gone.

Entire towns dried up when the gold rush was over.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build extraordinary wealth.

It flashed by in a decade, never to return.

Here's what most people don't realize...

There is a new gold rush going on right now.

The currency of the modern day is no longer gold.

It's attention.

The biggest companies in the world, like Google and Meta, are acquiring attention as quickly as possible.

They literally get paid billions because of the attention that they have.

Advertisers pay to have a small portion of that attention diverted to them.

This is why Alex Hormozi says:

"Attention is the new oil."

And, just like the Colorado Gold Rush...

Every day that goes by where attention is getting "mined"...

There is less attention left to grab.

You may not be acquiring attention because you are hung up on questions like:

"What type of content should I make?"

"What should I put in my bio?"

"Who is my ideal client?"

"What is my brand?"

Your lack of clarity on these things has you standing on the sidelines during a Gold Rush.

This has to stop now.

You must nail your niche...

Get in the game...

And acquire some of the gold before it's too late.

Reason #2: You're Missing Out on Clients (and Revenue)

What's the real power of nailing your niche?

It's being able to articulate who you help and what problem you solve, so that...

You can use those ingredients to create the single most important asset in your business:

Your Offer.

Your offer is how you get paid. 

It's how you turn your dream into a real business.

It's the finish line you must get a prospect to cross if you are to make money.

Now, open your checking account and look at all the offers that you have said yes to in the last week.

I'm going to make a guess about your purchases:

You knew what you were getting every time AND you valued those things enough to trade money for them.

When you put an offer out to the market..

Your prospects must:

1) Know what they are getting, and

2) Value your offer more than the money in their wallets

And, I'm sure you have a lot of value to add, but here's the truth:

You won't be able to articulate your value properly...

Unless you Nail Your Niche.

When you do Nail Your Niche, you will have the ingredients to create an irresistible offer.

Offers are what take you from broke coach to well-paid coach. 


"What is the difference between people who have lived on the struggle bus their whole lives...

And people who seem like everything is effortless and easy, financially?

One word: Offers"

- Myron Golden

Audience + Offer is Everything 

So far, we've covered two of the most important variables in a creator business:

The audience and the offer.

If you take nothing else away from this, remember that.

These are the two variables to focus on.

The better your offer, the more it converts.

The more people who see your offer, the more people buy.

If your offer is $1000 and 10% buy...

You need 10 leads to make $1000.

If your audience is tiny, it might take you 3 months to get 10 leads.

In that situation, you're going to earn $4,000/year.

But, if you increased your price to $5,000 and your conversion rate to 20%...

(by crafting a much better offer)...

And, you grew your audience to where you were getting 10 leads a month instead of 3...

Now you're selling two 5K programs every single month.

In that situation you're going to earn $120,000 per year.

Can you see how this is just a game of variables?

Things can turn around fast.

Improve the offer and grow your audience.

Nailing your niche is the first step to making both of these happen.

1) When you nail your niche, you can make content that grows your audience (more leads)

2) When you nail your niche, you can make irresistible offers (charge more, convert more)

Now, while all of this is crucial...

We still haven't talked about the most important reason why you should nail your niche right now...

Reason #3: Your Mission Matters

I've talked to a dozen coaches and creators in the last two weeks, some of which became clients.

I can tell you one thing that was true of every one of them:

They wanted to get into this business for more than just money.

When they told me about their vision, I could see their eyes light up. 

That's the real magic we are here for.

For me, sharing what I've learned (while I'm above ground) is priority number one.

I do not want to be laying on my deathbed one day, regretting the fact that I didn't make a difference.

Are you with me?

Then, let's get this pesky "niche" situation behind us, shall we?

If you are ready to start using your natural gifts to make the world a better place...

Nailing your niche is how you get off the sidelines...

And start doing what you were meant to do.

What better reason is there than that?

Why You Should Get Help


If you are ready to Nail Your Niche, I'd like to extend an offer to work with me 1:1 to figure all of this out, inside of the 14-Day Nail Your Niche Challenge.

But first, I want to make a case for working with me, instead of continuing to go it alone.

Reason #1: Your niche is too close to you

The reason you struggle to nail your niche is the same reason I struggled to nail mine for many years — I couldn't see the forest for the trees.

When you are attempting to excavate your deepest wisdom...

To uncover your life's work...

It's extremely helpful to have an experienced coach who can ask the right questions...

To make sure you get it out right.

Don't you think your life's work is worth investing in?

You're not investing in a coaching program here...

You're investing in you.

Are you worth it?

Another thing you want to avoid is getting your niche wrong. 

You’ll just confuse your audience...

Make zero progress, and...

End up right where you are again.

It’s a huge waste of time and energy (ask me how I know).

Reason #2: Offer Creation is Complex

You wouldn't expect to pick up tennis and master it in the first week.

Creating offers is no different.

It's a skill that you master over time.

The best way to get better is to make more offers.

I've read Alex Hormozi's book 100M Offers four times.

I've built hundreds of offers at this point (for myself and my clients).

You're paying me to borrow the skill I've spent years developing...

So we can inject it into your offer to make it a lot better.

Having an amazing offer is about more than just making money.

It's about feeling confident because you know what you have is good.

Your prospects will feel it, too.

You can (and should) aspire to become an expert offer creator.

But, since you want this all to work sooner than later, working with me will shortcut the time it takes you to build an  Irresisitble Offer.

 Plus, I'll teach you how to build offers while we work together...

So you can duplicate the process in future offers you make.

I can't even explain how valuable that will be to you in the long-term.

Reason #3: You Need Help

To state the obvious, you're here for a reason. 

You've tried other ways of figuring this out that haven't worked.

Here's a truth I've had to accept in recent years:

What got you here won't get you there.

When you pay a coach, you don't pay for time...

You pay to borrow the years they've spent building their perspective...

So you can apply it to your situation and get to where they are a lot faster.


Are you ready to put this “niche” issue behind you so you can move forward?

If you're considering taking the 14-Day Nail Your Niche Challenge...

Here is who you must be in order to get results:

Who You Must Be For This to Work

#1 - You’re an action-taker

Once we nail your niche and you feel that it is 100% the best choice, you have to be willing to move forward.

I don't want to take your money, have some great coaching calls, and then have you do nothing with it.

Commitment + action is required.

#2 - You’re willing to be honest about the outcome you can get for clients today

I won’t be able to help you get clients if you attempt to promise something to the market that you haven’t done for yourself and others.

Gaining traction starts with getting real about what you can do today.

Don't worry, it won't pigeonhole you forever.

#3 - Building a coaching or creator business isn’t something you’d “like to do”. It’s a MUST. 

After working with 400 clients in the coaching space, I can tell you this: 

My most successful clients were all-in. 

They were going to do it, with or without me.

They burned their boats and committed to making this work.

Those with one foot in and one foot out?

They never make it.

Why even start?

If you meet the criteria above, here is what you get when you join the Nail Your Niche 1:1 Challenge.

Obviously, we’re going to absolutely nail your niche, uncovering answers to questions like:

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is the quantifiable outcome you can deliver to them?
  • What makes you unique?

But, we won't stop there, because that only gets you halfway.

Next, we will take those answers to achieve the following three milestones:

Milestone #1 - Build Your Offer

We've spent a lot of time talking about how important your offer is to your success.

It's everything.

That's why, inside the Nail Your Niche Challenge, I will build your offer with you live on coaching calls.

We will make it outstanding.

You will be proud of it, bursting with excitement to tell people about it, and if someone ever says no to your new offer...

You will be shocked.

It will be that good.

Milestone #2 - Write Your Pitch

We haven't talked about your "pitch" a ton yet, because I didn't want to overwhelm you.

But, learning to talk about your offer is yet another skillset that is required.

Yet, most creators have no idea this is even a thing.

What is a pitch, exactly?

Well, you're reading one right now. This is a pitch for my Nail Your Niche Challenge (which is the offer).

You can't just show someone your offer, you have to pitch them on why they need it.

What you're seeing on this page is what we're going to create for your offer. 

You can then use it anywhere. For example:

  • You can build a page like this one pitching your offer
  • You can record a video version of your pitch
  • You can make a shorter version and put it at the end of your podcast or YouTube video

Once you nail your pitch, you can use it in a lot of places to sell people on your offer.

In the Nail Your Niche Challenge, I'm going to write your pitch live with you on coaching calls.

Milestone #3 - Build Your Content System

On one of our calls, we're going to build your Content System.

I've built a combined following (socials + email list) of about 15,000 people.

While it's not huge, it's enough for me to comfortably earn multiple six figures...

Working four hours per day (because I spend a lot of time with my two young daughters!).

A Content System means this for you:

  • you know what topics to make content about
  • you know how (and how much) to pitch your offer
  • you avoid pigeonholing yourself by making only content around your niche
  • you choose the type of content you can create sustainably with joy
  • you have a process for sharing that content across multiple platforms


OK Brian, How Does It Work?

This isn't a challenge where you get stuffed into a Facebook group and ignored.

Quite the opposite.

This is just you and me, working together 1:1 to get it done.

The challenge lasts 14 days.

It includes four 1:1 calls with me (60 minutes long) plus unlimited support over email and messenger.

It's short on purpose.

If we made it 90 days long, it would take us that long.

How much more opportunity (and $$$) do you want to lose?

Let's both go do work and get this thing done.

What to Do Next

To join the Nail Your Niche Challenge, click the button down below.

I can’t wait to help you NAIL YOUR NICHE.

Check out this testimonial from my client Chris...


"After working with Brian to Nail My Niche, I secured a client for $10,000!"

- Chris D. (22 Years as a Leader in the Air Force & Small Business Coach)