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Your Website Doesn't Matter

Mar 12, 2021

If you're a coach doing less than six figures per year, here's a list of things that don't matter:

-your website
-your funnel
-your logo
-doing a launch
-setting up an email sequence
-any software like Kajabi or Clickfunnels (or any email software)

I see far too many people getting hung up on a piece of software, as if that software is somehow going to print them money and essentially "be" their business.

That's no different than going to Home Depot, buying a drill, and then hoping the drill will build you a new deck.

Software is simply a tool. A tool that you don't need (yet).

We aren't some startup in Silicon Valley - backed by millions of dollars - hoping to do some massive launch and make a big splash in the industry.

(By the way, many of those companies struggle for a long time to hit profitability, even with every resource)

You aren't going to build some funnel - run ads to it - and just print money.

You aren't going to build a course and just sell it like hotcakes (without a large, pre-sold audience to sell it to).

You can try to build a cool funnel or sequence and try to just run people through it and hopefully optimize it and become profitable..

I predict it will take you years and tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in order to figure out your business that way.

Do you have that much time and money to burn?

What's worse, many coaches who are trying to do this don't even have clarity on the essential building blocks that make up their business!

Things like:

- The specific type of client you want to help
- The specific outcome you will get for them
- The pains and frustrations they have
- What they most want

Without clarity on your customer's pains and desires...

You can't go and run ads, write email sequences, or create content that really speaks to them.

That's another huge reason that starting by "building a funnel" never works!

The people you see doing big launches, running ads to courses or books, selling low ticket products, and using a lot of different funnels...

They are usually titans in the game. They have huge audiences. They've been doing this a long time.

And, they didn't START with these things.

They started by approaching another person and asking if they wanted help.

Tony Robbins, when he learned NLP, started going around and helping people in public.

I heard a story about how he was so excited about what he learned, that he left the seminar the very same day and walked up to people at gas stations and just started helping them for free.

That sounds a little crazy, I know, but there's a really valuable lesson there if you can see it.

My very first client was in the real estate investing space. I met him at a coffee shop, armpits sweaty, clutching a bunch of shit I printed out for him (but didn't need!)

I said the session was 1 hour but stayed for 2.5.

I undercharged and I overdelivered.

I honed my skills as a coach.

I learned more about what he really needed. I also learned more about the clients I wanted to serve, and the things I wanted to help people with.

If you want to change lives, start in the simplest fashion possible. By changing ONE life.

That's your entry point to coaching.

Do it for free if you have to. Or a testimonial.

Ask that person what they need. What would make a coaching program (in your niche) really, really valuable to them.

Russell Brunson says to run an "ask campaign" when you start your expert business.

This is a fancy way of saying "find your ideal client and ask them what they need".

Then, go out and give it to them.

That's how you get a foothold in the coaching business.

That's how you start to make money.

That's how you learn so much about your ideal customer that - when you do get to the point of launches and funnels and courses...

You'll have something that your clients really need, and you'll know how to market it to them.

I can't stress this enough: Just go talk to your ideal prospects. And start helping them.

Everything will take shape from there.

Once you start doing this, within 1-2 months you will have enough data to create an offer that delivers a specific outcome, and one that you can charge 2K or more for.

Then, within the next 1-2 months, with a solid organic marketing routine, you will go from confused, broke coach > confident coach making 10-15K/month (and really changing the lives of your clients).

This is one of the main things I address in my 10 week workshop that takes confused coaches who are making no money to making 10-15k/month.

I also address how to find clients, sell your product to them over the phone, and deliver your program in a group coaching format.

If interested, send me a DM. We can have a short chat and see if it's a fit for you or not. If it is, we can get you started right away.

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