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You Don't Have To Coach On The Thing You Were Successful In

Apr 19, 2021

When I first got into coaching, a successful coach said to me “Brian, you’ve gotta be a real estate coach”.

He knew the track record I had of building a successful real estate investing business.

I didn’t want to admit to him that I was tired of the real estate investing industry. I could feel my inner voice saying “no”, but I ignored it.

I mean, his advice did make sense. What else was I qualified to coach?

So I listened to him and went full steam ahead into real estate coaching.

Initially, I found that being a coach and helping others was a lot more fun than focusing on my own success.

But, fast forward a few years, and I found myself feeling drained after creating content, doing sales calls, and coaching clients.

Right in the middle of filming a video for Youtube, I’d think things like “If I have to explain how to raise private money one more time I’ll go crazy”.

I was shocked by the fact that I was already burning out, in the industry I’d always wanted to be a part of.

That led me to trying all sorts of things to remove myself from the business, like:

running paid ads to get out of the marketing
hiring a sales rep to avoid the calls
hiring a manager to run the day-to-day operations, and
paying guest coaches to help me with the coaching.

My grand plan was to automate my real estate coaching business so I could spend my time doing what I was excited about - helping entrepreneurs become coaches.

Over time it became obvious that automating my real estate coaching wasn’t the play, and I just needed to jump ship.

When I did, it felt like I had gotten out of a bad relationship, and into a great one.

If I could turn back time, I would have given myself permission to coach within the niche I was most passionate about from the start. I would have found a way to serve coaches. It would have looked different, of course, but there would have been a way.

As you start your journey from successful entrepreneur to coach, you can avoid going down the wrong path and own what you want to do right out of the gate.

Let me elaborate on a few examples of how this can be done...

Because of my background, I end up working with a lot of successful real estate investors who want to get into coaching.

When I ask them what they want to coach others on, about 50% of them say “real estate” without hesitation.

The other 50% make noises like “Hmmmmm” or “Welllll” and don’t give a clear answer. I can see the wheels turning in their mind.

When I dig deeper, I discover that they have an inner conflict.

They think they should coach on real estate investing, but don’t really want to.

They want to coach on leadership or mindset, but aren’t sure if they are qualified enough.

I encourage them to take a deeper look into what makes them great.

What we often find is that the thing they have a track record in is NOT their real superpower.

For example:

They might have a great track record in sales, but the real reason behind that is that they are a great listener, communicator, or storyteller. Those things could be their coaching niche.

They might have a track record of doing big deals and making a lot of money, but the real secret to their success is the focused, optimistic, and resilient mindset they took to each deal. Teaching others how to develop a powerful mindset would be a wonderful niche for them.

They might have a track record of managing a team really well, but the real secret was their ability to lead. They would make an amazing leadership coach.

So, what are you most excited to coach?

What would it take to give yourself permission to help others in that niche?

It’s as simple as getting out of your own way.

Defining your niche and creating the plan for your ideal coaching business can happen in as little as 3 weeks. This doesn’t have to take forever - as long as you can get out of your own way.

When you coach in the niche that you’re most passionate about, you wake up every day with a vibrance you hadn’t felt before. There is a tangible excitement for the work that you do, and your prospects and clients can feel it. You start to make an impact just by setting a positive example for others (as someone who has owned their truth and gone all in).

Making a difference in the world becomes easy and fun when you get into alignment with what you’re here to do.

Identifying your ideal niche is one of the things we do in my 6 week 1:1 coaching program that takes successful entrepreneurs who don’t find enough meaning in their work and helps them start their coaching business so that they can make a real impact on the lives of others.

We also address identifying your ideal client, publishing platform (to get your voice out there), and we build out your coaching program as well.

If this sounds intriguing, shoot me a DM and we can have a conversation over Messenger. This isn’t a fit for everyone and I’ll need to ask a few questions to see if it makes sense for you. If it does we can get you started within one week.

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