You Can't Throw Gas On A Fire That Isn't Burning

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021

If you're a coach doing less than 10K/month and you're overwhelmed by all of the different platforms and social media channels....

(Yet you're thinking that these platforms are the key to success in your business...)

It's time for a correction in your thinking.

These platforms are not your business and they will not save your business.

You can't throw gas on a fire that isn't burning.

Allow me to explain...

Coaching and training has been around as early as the 60's and 70's.

This is when seminars started to pop up and corporate companies began hiring coaches within their organizations in the 80's.

The internet didn't get big until the 90's - and even then, there wasn't a huge "online education" or "content creation" presence during that decade.

But - if Youtube, IG, FB, podcasts, email lists, webinars, funnels, websites, (and all the new sexy platforms like Community or Clubhouse) are the foundation of our coaching businesses, then....

What the hell did all those coaches do before the internet existed?

Since the internet is apparently so pivotal to success nowadays...

What the hell did ANY business do before the 00's?

Well, on one level - they used different platforms. Things like direct mail, telephones, TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, and live events.

These were the ways (and still are for many) that coaches and experts marketed their services pre-internet.

They were the TOOLS that coaches used to get their message out to the people who needed it.

Nowadays, the tools have changed. In fact, they've improved (a lot).

We can get our message out to hundreds or thousands of people every day FOR FREE.

This is amazing news, but it's not the point of this post.

In order to understand what really makes up a coaching business - we need to look not at what has changed...

but instead at what has NOT changed.

Here is a list of what has not changed.

Coaching businesses:

- Exist for the purpose of helping real people solve real problems
- Serve a specific type of person
- Solve a specific problem (and do it well if they want to grow)
- Connect with and have conversations with real people every day

Before the internet, coaches did these things using less efficient platforms.

Nowadays they have more efficient ones.

But the "core" of the business, the client, the problem, and the offer...

These things remain unchanged.

These things remain the foundation of the business.

If someone really gets this, then...

Even if you took their Youtube channel, Facebook, podcast, or Instagram away...

They would still be able to succeed.

This is because they know who their ideal client is....

So they know where to find them.

They know what they help that client with...

Because they have done it already and have a lot of confidence in their ability to get results

They also know that they must communicate and have conversations with that ideal client if they want to succeed.

They don't shy away from this most critical step.

They will always move to the most efficient platform available to get their voice out (because duh, who wouldn't use something if it's better)...

But, they don't get mesmerized into thinking that the platform IS the business.

Because it's not, it's just a tool.

Once you get absolute clarity on your client, what you do for them, and craft your offer in such a way that your client desires it and you are 10/10 confident that you can deliver it..

You will be able to hit the six figure mark as a coach within the next 90 days.

What I shared is one of the main things I cover in my 10 week workshop that takes coaches who are making less than 10K/month up into the 10-20K+ range.

We also cover how to market your offer and close clients over the phone, as well has how to deliver in a group coaching + online course model so you can scale.

If interested, send me a DM to discuss whether it would be a fit for you or not. If it is, we can get you started in the program this week.


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