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Why You Must Get Clear On Who You Serve

May 07, 2021

If your content is speaking to a new person every time, your customers will be confused about what you do and will not ask to work with you.

A big mistake I made during my first 5 years as an educator was that I “just turned on the camera and talked” or “just wrote freely and posted”.

I followed whatever I was inspired by - that was my content for the day.

Frustrated by my lack of results, I decided to do a “content audit”.

I looked at the last 20 posts/videos I had created and discovered something funny…

Exactly 10 of them were speaking to one type of person…

And the other 10? They were speaking to a different person entirely!

It wasn’t until I hired an amazing coach by the name of Eleanore Strong that I realized I was still unclear on who my ideal client was.

I also realized that there was more to the story than just knowing “who” I helped.

I also needed to be clear about what stage of the journey they are at right now.

For example, let’s say your customer avatar is “Dads”.

Here are some examples of the different stages a “Dad” could be in:

-Just had their first kid
-Kids are all grown up, Dad is retired
-Dad is working 60 hour weeks, doesn’t see family
-Has more than 5 kids
-Has a kid with special needs
-Adopted his kids
-Wants to learn how to invest
-Entrepreneur Dad struggling to balance biz/home life
-Having relationship problems with spouse

You can see that choosing who you serve goes deeper than just saying “Dad’s”.

You also pick more specific language that describes exactly where they are TODAY.

If you’re struggling to define that, I’ll give you another angle to tackle it from….

Answer this question:

“At what stage of my client’s journey will my particular set of skills be most helpful?”

Here’s an example of how I figured this out for myself….

My customer avatar is “coaches and experts”.

I help them land on the client, niche, outcome, program, and marketing method that is best suited to the impact they want to make and the lifestyle they want to have.

After working with my first couple dozen clients, I realized that I was getting outstanding results for successful entrepreneurs who wanted to break into the education industry for the first time.

They already had the skills and confidence, they just needed a plan.

(In fact, one of my clients recently did 35K in sales in just one month)

This is when I decided that I would only speak to successful entrepreneurs looking to become coaches and experts. I liked them (as I was one of them once) and my particular skill set fits best with where they are.

I’m not as well suited (or interested in) helping a newbie coach get more confidence, making 5K/month in 30 days, helping someone scale to 100K/month using paid ads, or many other different stages that a coach or expert could be in.

Last, I suggest doing an “avatar audit” of your content to get insight into whether or not you are speaking to different people in your content.

Open a blank spreadsheet and copy/paste the links to your last 20 pieces of content.

Then add columns titled:

“Who am I speaking to”
“Where are they at today”
“What problem they are experiencing”

Now review each piece of content and fill in your spreadsheet. What did you find?

The answers are often right in front of you, created by you, if you care to look.

Once you get clear on this, content creation gets a lot simpler and your audience (the right people, at least) will resonate with what you say. The wrong people will be repelled.

Then, you just need to develop your offer, the details of how you deliver your program, and market it on a consistent basis. That’s your simple and fun education business all wrapped up with a bow.

Getting crystal clear on who you serve (and where they are today) is the first thing we do in my 6 week 1:1 coaching program that gives successful entrepreneurs a precise roadmap to build an education business that serves their life and creates the impact they crave.

We also write your offer, shape the details of your program, and go over how to structure your content so that it gets your prospects reaching out to you.

If interested, shoot me a DM and we can chat over Messenger (or a short phone call) to see if you’d be a fit or not. Peace!


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