Why No One Is Buying Your Online Course

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

Another week gone by - and not a single person has bought your online course.

You're posting on social media and even telling people about, but nothing is happening.

You even tried running paid ads to sell your course.

You got lost in the technical details, never got those to work, and just wasted time and money.

Now, your course just sits there, collecting dust.

You put your heart and soul into creating that course. You were positive that it would change lives (and also earn you a good income).

All around you it seems like other coaches are "crushing it with courses" -while you can barely sell a couple of them per month.


Now, with only a tiny, unpredictable stream of income, your coaching business is on life support.

You wonder if you're going to have to go back to (or stay in) the 9-5 grind for good.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for ya.

Let's start with the bad news: You never should have started out by trying to sell a course.

That's not how the game works.

I'm sure you've heard of the Beachbody fitness program. It's one of the bestselling programs of all time and has done hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Most people don't know the story behind how it all got started.

The guy who started Beachbody was originally a trainer. He knew that he could get people in shape and make them look good.

He started out by working with clients 1-on-1.

He fine tuned his approach and eventually got to where he was really good at what he did and was getting great results for his clients.

But, he was maxed out and could no longer take on any new clients 1-on-1.

Then, he shifted to training people in groups, and he was able to help a lot more people at once.

But, training in groups had its limits too. So he took it to the next level and started training other trainers.

Once he had a program for training trainers his company was able to scale massively across the country.

Only then, when he had a proven model that was getting great results for clients...

Plus a highly profitable business to go along with it...

Did he decide to package his program up into a DVD and sell it on TV & the internet.

He had proof that his program worked. He had used it on thousands of people which created a feedback loop that allowed him to continually improve the program until it was amazing.

This created thousands of testimonials, thus a ton of social proof.

He also had cash in the bank to apply towards the marketing and testing needed to profitably market and sell his digital program at scale.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

As a coach, you start out working with a bunch of people 1-on-1...

Then graduate to group coaching...

You prove yourself time and time again via raving client results...

You put a bunch of cash in the bank...

Then you put your proven system into a course...

Then you begin to sell it.

So many coaches try to do this the other way around, and they fail.

Flip your strategy around, build from the ground up by actually working with real clients, and you will turn things around in your business.

By the way, you can be building your course in the background as you go.

You'll be continually updating it, giving your clients private access to it, asking them what they think about it and what they need, and making changes.

Creating a masterpiece of an online course is an iterative process which requires clients to be going through it.

It requires a feedback loop.

(Credit for this insight goes to Sam Ovens, who originally used this example and gave me the a-ha moment)

Now, I promised you some good news as well, so here it is:

When you lead with 1-on-1 coaching (and soon after that, group), you can charge much more for your services than you ever could for a course.

You also get better results for your clients because they get to work with you directly.

This is what fixes your revenue problem as a coach.

When you lead with the right offer (priced in the 3-10K range), you should be hitting 100K/year as a coach pretty easily.

What I shared above is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 10 week workshop that takes coaches making less than 5K/month selling low ticket products to making 15-20K/month selling just one high ticket program.

I also address defining your ideal client, mastering consultative sales, and building out your scalable delivery model (so you aren't drowning in 1-on-1 coaching) as well.

PM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit; if so, we can get you started right away.


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