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Why I'm No Longer Coaching RE Investing

Nov 19, 2020

After 4-5 years of helping people achieve financial freedom through RE investing...

I've decided to change gears.

Tune in to find out what I'm doing next.

Hint: It's totally different, yet I also think that for those who want to do it, it's actually a faster path to building a large rental portfolio as well.

Have you ever wanted to start an online education business/be a coach?

Did you know that you can make SIX FIGURES per year doing that...

While also getting to work with amazing clients and help them improve their lives?

In about a week, I'm kicking off a coaching workshop where I'm going to work with a small group to help them get their education businesses doing six figures per year...

So they can not only have more money to invest..

But also feel like they have a strong sense of purpose in the world.

Want to find out if the workshop would be a fit for you?

Send me a message here saying READY and let's talk:


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