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Why Being Active On More Than One Platform Is Killing Your Business

Jan 27, 2021

If you are a coach doing less than six figures per year - and you're trying to be active on a bunch of different social media platforms...

That is one of the main reasons you're not getting any traction.

It's causing a massive "energy leak" and leading to poor results everywhere.

But, when nothing is really working, it feels like you've got to keep an iron in all of the fires, right?

This type of thinking is very common - I thought this way too, for years - but only recently did I realize that I was wrong.

And you hear this advice too - that you should really focus and master one platform.

But they don't ever explain exactly WHY you need to focus...

And why you'll fail if you try to do well on more than just ONE platform in the beginning.

What we're really talking about is marketing.

We want our marketing efforts to be successful.

Having marketing success as a coach equals one thing:

Phone calls booked on your calendar.

Likes, comments, followers, none of that ultimately matters.

What matters is phone calls booked.

That's how you gauge if something is working or not.

Don't get it twisted.

So, imagine yourself starting to really have success as a coach. Your time is going to shift over to those phone calls.

You're enrolling new clients. Yay!

This equals more revenue but less time to spend posting, commenting, messaging, adding friends, etc.

So, the more success you have as a coach, the less time you'll have for social media.

So if you currently have a ton of time to do social media - and to be going live everywhere and doing shit on a whole bunch of different platforms...

That actually suggests that you are not having success as a coach.

What's more - if you're having a bunch of phone calls with potential clients - you now have a list of people to FOLLOW UP with regularly.

Are you following up with everyone you speak to?

This is one of the biggest areas where coaches (and all business owners) lose opportunity.

Follow up studies show that 80% of people buy between the 6th and 12th "touch" (or follow up)...

So if you only talk to someone once or twice, you're leaving 80% of your revenue on the table.

If you're not following up with people you've spoken to regularly, but instead spending time over on Clubhouse going live...

You're leaving the low hanging fruit and going for fruit that hasn't even bloomed yet.

So, as a successful coach, you have....

-clients to coach
-calls to complete
-prospects to follow up with
-messages to reply to
-comments to reply to
-content to create
-and friends to add (or connections to make).

Still want to try that on 8 different platforms?

Yes, you can create a content repurposing system and delegate it to someone.

This is what I do, and it allows one piece of content to go on most platforms.

But as far as active engagement - the platform that I show up on and connect with people every day - it's just Facebook.

I spend no time on and hardly check the other platforms where my content is going out.

There's an important different to understand between just posting a piece of content on a platform - and manually "driving engagement" on a platform.

You can do the former everywhere with a repurposing system. But it won't make much difference.

You can't do the latter everywhere without also delegating all the commenting and messaging and call-setting-up to someone else...

which typically comes in for coaches who are doing at least 30-40K/month.

Think about the people you know who are crushing it on IG.

Do you see them on Facebook all day too? LinkedIN?


They are driving engagement on IG. Not just posting stuff.

So, which platform should you choose as your one and only?

Platforms like FB, IG, and LinkedIN are the most effective in the beginning because, unlike a podcast or a Youtube channel or blog, you can watch your audience interact with your content, and then talk back and forth with them about it.

(Yeah, Youtube has comments but people don't comment on those videos (or check Youtube throughout the day) nearly as much as, say, Facebook.)

Pick the one you enjoy the most + has plenty of your ideal clients hanging out on it.

Then commit. Go all in. Learn that puppy inside and out.

There are so many subtle nuances to each platform. Little tweaks that lead to mastery.

Things the successful are doing that you aren't yet.

When you go all in on one platform, you will easily be lining up at least 3-5 calls per week with ideal prospects that you can sell your coaching program to. This will bump you up into the 10K/month range within 90 days of consistent effort.

What I shared above is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 10 week small group workshop that takes online coaches from doing everything and making under 5K/month to doing just one platform really well and making 10-20K+++.

I also address identifying your ideal client and niche, crafting your high ticket offer, how to enroll clients on those phone calls, and how to build a scalable group coaching delivery model (also using a course).

PM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit - if so, we can get you started right away.

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