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Top 4 Benefits of Writing a Book - #1: Productizing Yourself

Jun 25, 2022

I've self published two books now, and there are 4 key benefits I've experienced as a result.

The first one is this idea of "productizing yourself".

Naval Ravikant is a highly successful entrepreneur who occasionally tweets about the secrets to getting rich.

He once went on a tweet storm about how there's only two ways to get rich:

content or code.

Code would mean creating some type of software.

Content means creating something that lives on without you (like a Youtube video, a book, an album, etc).

He said that you will never get rich trading your hours for dollars directly.

You must inject some type of leverage into your efforts.

You must productize yourself.


Books are the perfect way to productize yourself, because you've removed all limits to how many people's lives you can touch....

since it no longer requires even an ounce of your time to do so.

When someone orders your book on Amazon, Amazon does the printing and shipping.

Then, the book does the teaching and connecting.

It creates the paradigm shift in the person. It builds the bond between you and the reader.

All the while, you're rocking in a hammock on vacation.

I've earned multiple six figures in revenue from clients who have reached out after reading one of my books.

The book did the marketing and sales process for me, and the clients were essentially ready to hand over their money to take their results to another level.

If you want a chance to become very wealthy while making a big difference in the world, think in terms of productizing yourself.

You are only one person with a limited amount of time and energy.

The more of that time and energy you can put towards creating things that work on their own, the better chance you have of making the maximum income AND impact.

If you are in the online coaching/expert space and you want to self-publish your book by the end of 2022, the Coach to Author 90 Day Intensive is designed to have your book published by the end of 2022 in the most painless way possible...

While also ensuring that your book is amazing....

(because if your book sucks, there's no point in trying to use it to productize yourself!)

Here's some highlights of what the program includes:

  • 12 weekly 1:1 writing sessions with me - where I coach you and write with you
  • Working directly with my personal editor & designer: who will edit and format your book and design your cover, all at no additional charge
  • Crafting your readers journey ahead of time so that, after reading your book, there is a clear path to working with you in a high ticket program
  • Rebuilding your backend offer (this is a part of the bullet point above)
  • A spread out payment plan (where you don't make the final payment until your book is live on Amazon)
  • My "no brainer guarantee" to continue working with you until your book has (at least) made you back the money you invest in my program

 This is just a smidgen of what the program includes. It's a soup-to-nuts, white glove type of service.

Essentially, we need your manuscript done, and we can handle most of the rest, with your input (on things like the cover and editing decisions)

And, the manuscript is what I dive in and help you with, for 12 weeks straight.

If you've already started your book and just need some help getting to the finish line, even better.

The only way to join the program is to hit REPLY and send me a short email ([email protected]) telling me about your situation and goals (2-3 sentences max).

Next, I'll ask to do a 20-30 minute call with you to make sure it's a fit before we get rolling.

I'm only taking on SIX clients in this program, so if you want one of the spots, act now.

Here's to you become an author in 2022!


P.S. - in the next post we break down benefit #2, legacy. You know, that stuff you wanna leave behind when you're gone :) 


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