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Three Critical Steps to Publish a Book That Brings You Clients

May 29, 2024

If you’re a creator, coach, or a business who serves clients..

Today I’m going to show you how to self-publish a book that rings the cash register every day AND hand delivers your ideal clients right to your doorstep.

The system you are about to learn will do two things:

#1 — Turn you into a published author (giving you loads of credibility and authority)

#2 — Send high-quality clients straight to your doorstep

Whether you have built a brand or not — this system will supercharge it.

This system will also save you from using the shotgun approach in your marketing.

Instead of directing people to 12 different places...

Instead of sending outbound DM’s...

Your ideal clients will find you instead, warmed up and ready to work together.

If you are brand new and you’ve got no audience or offer — if you’ve never worked with clients — writing a book is not for you (yet).

Go out and gain some traction, prove your process, then come back and write your book.

If you're new here, My name is Brian Ellwood and I am an author, investor, and a coach. I built a million dollar real estate portfolio and then started coaching others.

I struggled to get clients in my first year as a coach. I had no audience or email list, no credibility whatsoever.

I only made $1,500 in my first five months as a coach.

Luckily, I had started writing a book early on.

I published my first book Fire Yourself about six months into my coaching journey. This landed me some key podcast interviews which brought me high ticket clients quickly.

I closed out my first year as a coach at 90K (and most of that came as a direct result of the people who read my book).

Again, I did that with no social media presence or email list.

I wrote two other books after that, Nail Your Niche and Get Clients With a Book.

These books bring in 3-5 premium clients for me each month.

They all DM me or book a call, instead of me having to go out and look for clients.

Overall, I’ve served 400 high-ticket clients during my time as a coach, and the majority of them came in from my three simple, self-published books (which anyone can do).

But enough about me…

Let’s talk about why this approach works so well (and what it will help you get rid of).

The Old (Spammy) Way to Get Clients is…

  • Sending tons of outbound DM’s
  • Doing live webinars and workshops
  • Posting on 8 different platforms and offering 6 different lead magnets
  • Running ads to a cold audience and getting confused, skeptical people on calls.

The New (Classy) Way to Get Clients is…

  • Self-publish a short (but amazing) book
  • Build a book funnel (and direct all your traffic there)
  • Your funnel sells your book, then your book sells you.

Best part, it’s all automated, so you just point eyeballs to the funnel and the funnel does everything else

My funnels follows up with clients for months after they’ve bought my books all on it’s own

I can be on vacation and my content sells my books, then my books (plus the the funnel) sell me.

It’s elegant, simple, and best of all:

It makes you look good.


  • You rise to author status
  • Promoting a book is much classier
  • You can do away with cold outreach
  • You aren’t seen as a hard seller or a snake oil salesman
  • You build real relationships with your readers
  • When they reach out, it feels like you are friends already.

While this all sounds amazing to have, here’s the truth:

Building all of this out (the right way) is challenging (for your first time).

So let's get into what you need to know.

There are three critical steps to getting clients with a book.

I want to go over them at a high level so you don’t miss these when you do it for yourself.

Step #1: Nail Your Packaging

You are probably wondering:

How is my book going to stand out from all the other books already out there?

You’re right to wonder that, because of this humbling statistic:

10,000 new books are published every single day.

That’s why you must find a unique way to position your book.

That way, it doesn’t become a carbon copy of 300 other books on the same topic.

For example, when I wrote my book Nail Your Niche, there were already books out there about how to find your niche.

There were also books about how to grow your coaching business.

But my book was the first to combined the two:

How to find your niche for your coaching business.

My latest book Get Clients With a Book did the same thing.

There are plenty of books about how to get clients, and even more about how to write a book.

But, there wasn’t a book that specifically combined the two:

Get Clients with a Book.

When you find your unique angle, it will prevent your life’s work from drowning in the ocean of books already out there.

If you write a generic book, good luck.

OK, that’s packaging in a nutshell.

But some of you may still be thinking:

“I’m not good at writing, this is going to be a lot of work, I don’t even know what to put in my book…”

I’m going to show you how simple it actually is.

To do that let’s move on to Step #2.

Step #2 - The Sandwich Method

We all know how a sandwich is built:

Bread on top

Meat in middle

Bread on bottom

If you want to get clients with your book, it must be structured the same way.

The top slice of bread (opening chapters) is where you:

  • tell your origin story
  • break down objections, and
  • show them what they stand to gain

The meat (middle section) is where you:

  • Teach your core framework in a crisp, organized way
  • Deliver the “meat” of the book (tell the reader what to do)

The bottom slice of bread (closing chapters) is where you:

  • Tie up loose ends
  • Make your pitch on why they should hire you

It must be structured in this way to:

  • Get them excited about your opportunity
  • Break down false beliefs they are clinging to
  • Teach your process (add real value so they can trust you)
  • Make your ask (move them to becoming your client)

It also must be delivered in this order, to keep your reader moving along all the way to the finish line (becoming your client or customer).

So, for those of you thinking: I’m not good at writing.

Know that you don’t have to be great at writing. You just tell stories, teach what you know, and follow this framework.

Alright, let’s move onto the last (super critical) step to getting clients with a book.

Step Three - Create Your Customer Journey

Here's what everyone gets wrong:

They think they are only writing a book.

What they are actually doing is creating a customer journey.

The book is like an appetizer. Your backend programs are the entree.

It's crucial to move your readers from your book to the next step you want them to take.

Russell Brunson is probably the best example of someone who has used books exceptionally well to grow his company.

He directs all his traffic to his book funnels, where he controls the conversation.

He gets every single buyer onto his email list so he can follow up with them and move them to becoming customers of his software and coaching programs.

It's critical to build your own book funnel and point your traffic there, where you control the customer journey.

(Pro Tip: Create a free download or lead magnet to plug in your book so even the Amazon buyers end up on your email list, too.)

When someone goes through my Get Clients with a Book funnel, they often spend as much as $90.

You might be asking:$90 for a book?

Funnels allow me to sell multiple order bumps / upsells to increate the value of each book buyer as well

(I only keep $6 if they buy on Amazon)

More imprortanlty, the funnel includes pre-built email sequences to add more value and get readers on a call with me (where I can sell them higher ticket services).

Book funnels print money once they are built.

When this is all set up, you have a credibility and client creation machine that works while you sleep.

Now, if you are a high achiever who earns six figures or more, I don’t think it makes sense to spend hundreds of hours figuring this out on your own.

That’s why I recommend you book a Clarity Call to see if it makes sense for us to do this together.

I have options for all budgets and even options where I do all of this for you.

It’s flexible depending on how much support you need.

If you’ve already started your book, we can work with that, too.

We can reshape the packaging of the book, the contents inside, and build the customer journey with you.

It’s important we do all of that before you hit publish (as it’s very challenging to go back and fix it afterwards).

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