The Real Reason You Lack Excitement For Your Offer

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

I call myself the "Aligned Coach" - but last week I realized there was something big that was still out of alignment for me.

I've been leading with the offer to increase revenue for my clients, but making more money is not what is most important to me.

My coaching business already serves my ideal client, coaches and experts = in alignment.

My coaching business already solves the problem I'm most excited about, building coaching businesses = in alignment.

My offer promises to help other coaches hit six figures, which isn't the most important outcome to me = out of alignment.

Here's what's most important to me (my core values):

-Building a really fun coaching business that changes the lives of my clients
-Spending with family and friends, and
-Doing fun, recreational activities that give me exercise

Then I had an insight - what if I offered to show my clients how to do the exact same thing?

To show them how to create a coaching business where they:

1) Love the client they serve
2) Love the niche they serve them in
3) Value the outcome they provide more highly than anything else
4) Have ample time to invest in other areas of life that are important to them, like relationships, health, and hobbies

Can you see how different of a promise this is to "I will help you hit 20K/month?"

I realized that - to be in full alignment - your core values should live inside of your offer - the promise you make to your client.

I suspect many other coaches haven't gotten their offer into alignment with themselves either.

They are offering to help people make money, but they value family and health more.

They are offering to help people with sales, but they value time freedom and spirituality more.

What if they offered to help people with the thing they valued the most?

How would that change everything?

When you get your offer into alignment with your core values, you will:

- be 100% confident that you can deliver on this offer
- be 100% excited about marketing & selling your offer
- have 100% passion and drive for your business because you truly care about the difference it makes in the world (because it's doing the things, that you value most, for others!)

What I shared above is the main thing I address in my 6 week 1:1 workshop that takes coaches who are burned out by their old business to having defined + launched + transitioned to their new ALIGNED coaching business.

I also address defining your ideal client and niche, defining your ideal lifestyle and workload as a coach and choosing the right delivery model to support that, as well how to create a healthy transition plan from your existing business to your new one.

If interested, shoot me a DM to see if you'd be a fit. I'll know within a short back-and-forth if it makes sense for you or not. If so, we can get you started next week.


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