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The Real Reason Most Coaches Are Struggling To Market Their Programs

Mar 29, 2021

The real reason coaches are struggling to market their programs is because they are promoting an offer they know they can't really deliver on.

They lack knowledge & confidence - and it shows.

The solution is very simple: create an offer you can actually deliver.

This is very different than advice that just tells you to "implement the latest marketing technique".

If - deep down - you know you're not great at what you do - you will feel like an imposter.

Is a bigger megaphone (better marketing) really gonna help with that?

If this is you, I'm not calling you unethical or dishonest for promising something you can't deliver.

I know how you ended up where you're at. I've been there, too.

In fact, I would estimate that OVER 50% of online coaches can't really deliver on the results they are promoting.

And, I don't think that there's that many dishonest people out there.

I think that the industry teaches us to "choose a niche that people need" or to "model your business after other people".

If you see a 100 other coaches promising to "help coaches hit 10K/month via webinar funnels", you might decide that would be a good program for you to sell, too.

But, if this is not something that you have done for yourself and/or others repeatedly, you can't predictably deliver that outcome.

Also, if you created that result, but you did it just one time (like you hit 10K in a month once) that's still not enough data to allow you to claim you can do it repeatedly.

Humans are great B.S. detectors, and they will always be able to tell when something feels off.

I want you to imagine doing a really simple task - like tying your shoes.

You know with 100% confidence that you can lean down and tie those suckers every time, without fail.

What if you had the same level of confidence in your coaching program, the thing you offer to do for other people?

What would that do for the level of conviction that shone through in your marketing?

What would that do for your level of motivation to get out there and sell your program?

How would you come across differently on a sales call?

Now, I know the outcomes we provide as coaches are much more complex than tying your shoes, and delivering those outcomes could never be as predictable as something so simple...

My point is to get as close as you can.

The solution is to get really authentic about what you can best deliver on at this stage in your coaching career.

For example, I've built a coaching business I truly love.

I love every part of it.

I decided not to listen to all the noise and to march to the beat of my own drum.

As a result, my business gives me the impact I crave, the creativity outlet I long for, and the lifestyle I dream of. All on the back of marketing and sales processes that I actually enjoy and feel good about. All on my own terms.

That's the exact same offer I market to others.

To help them rebuild their coaching business so that gives them the impact they crave, the outlet for creativity they long for, the lifestyle they dream of. All on the back of marketing and sales processes that they actually enjoy and feel good about.

All on their terms.

There are a lot of other offers I could sell, and I could deliver on them to varying degrees. I could "get by".

But I would feel a lack of alignment everyday.

There would be seeds of doubt about whether or not I could deliver.

Sometimes, realigning with an offer you can really deliver on involves niching down.

For example, instead of being a "business coach" who has never had a successful business....

Ask yourself "what single piece of business am I the best at?"

Building websites?
Writing emails?
Building funnels?
Time management/productivity?
Work/life balance?

How can I "drill down" to the essence of what my greatest gift is?

If you're new to your coaching niche, you may want to consider adding DFY (done for you) elements to your program... (i.e. "I will write you 50 emails")

This way your offer includes a tangible deliverable.

Tangible deliverables require more work, but they are easier for you to 100% deliver on. It's very clear whether or not you delivered the outcome you said you would.

As you get more experience as a coach, you can "broaden" your offer to include more, and simultaneously reduce or eliminate the DFY elements.

This is how coaches evolve authentically.

So if you feel like you're promising too much, I invite you to stop biting off more than you can chew, and making this coaching thing harder than it has to be.

Just get really honest about what you can provide today, determine if you should niche down, include DFY, and rebuild your program in a way that you feel really, really good about it.

When you get this right (which shouldn't take more than a week or 2) your knowledge and confidence in your program will start to shine through in your marketing. This will make the ROI on each piece of marketing much higher.

Sales calls will feel fun and prospects will feel the alignment you have with what you do. Procrastination will dissolve because you will have a program that you know will change lives, and you will feel a burning desire to get your program into the hands of others.

You will finally begin to create the impact you crave.

When you combine an offer that you can truly deliver on with clients you love and a niche you're excited about, you have a healthy foundation upon which you can build your coaching business to great heights.

Realigning your offer is one of the things I address in my 6 week 1:1 program that takes coaches & experts who feel out of alignment with their business and rebuilds their business so that they are completely aligned with the right client, niche, and offer for them.

I also address defining your ideal client, niche, choosing the marketing strategy you're going to have the most fun with, and structuring your pricing & delivery model so the business provides you with the lifestyle you crave.

If you're interested, shoot me a DM and we can have a chat over Messenger to see if it makes sense for you or not.

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