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This morning I sat down at my desk and looked at my schedule for the day. Right at the top, 9AM, staring me in the face, was:


This meant that I had to pick up the phone and call some successful, savvy businessmen and women for the next hour, and do the worst thing of all:

Ask them for money! 

Now this is a strategy that I love, and that I teach heavily. If you consume my content in any way you’ve heard me talk about it. 

So if I’m “so good” at it, then why does it still scare me? 

I asked myself this and didn’t get an immediate answer.

Only after thinking on it for a bit, I remembered a fundamental truth of ALL personal development.

When we push up against the edges of our comfort zone, what happens?

We feel uncomfortable. We are simply stepping OUT of our comfort zone.

Even though I’ve done it quite a bit, it still scares me a little, too. 

But I do it anyways. 

What also happens when we push the edges of our comfort zone?

The comfort zone itself expands. It grows larger. 

Imagine a bubble around you that is your comfort zone. Each time you push the edges, it stretches and becomes larger. 

Know what else happens?

More things fall WITHIN your comfort zone! (now that it is larger and more encompassing)

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is vital to your growth. 

(Stay comfortable at your own risk!)

So, how did my hour of networking go?

I was only actually able to speak with one lender on my list. But we had a great conversation, and I found out that he does longer term loans for rental properties (which is preferable and can be hard to come by).

He’s also got a lot of money. 

What does this one relationship mean? Well, it could literally mean an extra 5 rentals for me, over the next 12 months.

How crazy is that?

Is that worth feeling a little uncomfortable? :)

If you guys are interested in being coached by me TWICE A WEEK on exactly how to execute this (and everything else you need to get your first 12 houses!), go here:

And….make those lender calls TODAY!



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