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The Hidden Thing That Keeps Most Would-Be Coaches On The Sideline

May 10, 2021

I spoke with a client yesterday who had been spending time watching the coaching “gurus” on Youtube.

He made the comment that “if that’s what it’s gonna take, then I don’t know if I want to do it”.

This guy is ultra successful, has a huge company, and is a strong leader and businessman. It would be a shame if he didn’t share his message.

What he didn’t want was to build a monster education company that took up all his time. He didn’t want to post content all day.

He didn’t want to put himself out there online and share a ton of details about his life and business. He didn’t want to brag about his success.

He also shared that he’s the type of person who needs to be able to see the whole picture before he will be inspired to go to work. He needs to be able to see a realistic and inspiring vision for what he’s going to build.

He needs to know that this business will give him the meaning and impact he craves, but without him having to invest a ton of time into it or go crazy on social media.

There was a conflict between what he was seeing and the vision he had for himself.

To put it more accurately, he didn’t have a clear vision of his own, somewhat adopted the vision of other people, and didn’t like it.

You’ve heard the quote “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

This is just as true when it comes to building a business.

No clear vision > no inspiration > no motivation to continue

Think about anything else you might build (like a piece of furniture for your house)...

If you didn’t know what you were building, or if you even wanted it, would you be inspired to get to work on it everyday?

And we’re not building furniture here. What we’re building takes years, not hours.

How do we know the juice is going to be worth the squeeze?

If you’re still reading, I bet you and this client of mine have something in common.

Everyone else says to just take massive action and figure it out as you go along, but that doesn’t work for you.

You are the type of person who wants to see the roadmap before you start on the journey. You don’t want to risk traveling down the wrong path for a year or two only to have to turn the car around.

You want to be able to picture a realistic and inspiring vision before you get to work.

You want to know that you’re going to love what you build. That it will serve your life and allow you to make an impact, without sacrificing your values or having to become someone you’re not.

So, how do you get clear on the vision for your business?

I’ll share the highlights of our conversation below so that you can see how we arrived at his vision:


Me: “What does an ideal day in your education/coaching business look like?”

Him: “Being on 1 or 2 coaching calls with clients, one on one. That’s all I want.”

Me: “What is your monthly revenue goal?”

Him: “At least 20K”

Me: “How much could you charge per client?”

Him: “Around 5K”

Me: “How long would your program be?”

Him: “30 days”

Me: “How many hours per week do you want to work?”

Him: “Around 10”

Me: “How do you see yourself finding prospects for your program?”

Him: “From my network. Reaching out to people I already know and asking if they know anyone who could use my program. I like talking to people so I could pick up the phone and call the people I’ve already built trust with”

Me: “OK, sounds you will need to enroll and serve 4 clients per month at 5K each in order to hit your revenue goal. That might involve 4 1:1 calls per week with clients, plus another 2-4 enrollment calls per week to get new clients. No social media, but calling people in your network. How does that sound?”

Him: “OK, this feels doable. When I started this call I was a little discouraged, but this feels much better. I can see how this can work. I wouldn’t mind having that as my work week. Actually, that sounds fun.”


As we ended the call and I gave him his homework, I could sense in him a renewed sense of energy and commitment to building his coaching business.

One glimpse of a realistic and inspiring vision was all it took.

I’d like you to put yourself in the shoes of my client and answer those same questions for yourself that I asked my client. Forget about what everyone else is doing and answer them authentically to what you’d be inspired to create.

When you create a clear vision for your education business you will become unblocked. You will be able to start putting the pieces together. You will be inspired to sit down and work on the rest of the puzzle pieces and build your business.

You will know that the juice is worth the squeeze.

Then you can write up your offer and shape the details of your program. Then you start marketing and enrolling clients.

Creating a clear vision of your education business is what we do in my 6 week 1:1 coaching program that takes successful entrepreneurs who know they want to start some kind of education business (so they can unleash their creativity and start improving the lives of others) and gives them the exact vision & roadmap to build their version of what that looks like.

This also includes defining your ideal client and outcome, writing up your offer, shaping the details of your delivery model, and landing on the best marketing & enrollment strategy for you.

If this sounds like you and you want to learn more, shoot me a DM and we’ll have a chat over Messenger (or a short phone call) to see if it’s a fit. If so I can get you started within a week.

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