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When I decided to become a coach/educator/digital marketer guy…

I thought “Maaannnn, this is gonna be easy”.

“Social media, the digital age, it makes marketing so much easier”

First thing I did was write a book.

Tossed it up for sale in a book funnel and on Amazon…

Then I said, cool, I have a book, what’s next?

Then I started a podcast.

Because, all the digital marketer guys have podcasts.

Obviously this podcast is gonna blow up and I’m gonna make millions and help people and stuff.

Got the podcast up, started doing once a week episodes.

Then I said, what’s next?

Well, all successful dudes have Facebook groups, it’s the thing to do.

So, I started a Facebook Group

(Which you can join here by the way:

Started posting occasionally in there, did a few Facebook lives.

Thought to myself “This is gonna be HUGE!”

Then I thought “What’s next?”

Started email marketing (Which is what you’re reading right now!)

Started a Youtube channel….

Started a website...

Half-ass posted a few things on Instagram and Twitter…

Even spent time in some forums and on Reddit.

Then one day I looked up and thought to myself…..

“I have all these things. Why aren’t I doing better?”

I wasn’t really getting any LEADS from any of the marketing channels.

That’s when I realized I had gone about this ALL WRONG.

Instead of picking 1 or 2 things to become really great at

I had a bunch of spinning plates that were producing next to nothing.

Then I thought back to my time as an aggressive real estate marketer…

Looking for deals.

Now, for that type of marketing, you gotta spend some money.

It’s not like all the free, organic, online platforms I use in the education business.

So I was less motivated to “spin up a bunch of plates” back then.

I also heard Sean Terry say “Go deep before you go wide” on his podcast.

So we decided to “go deep” into direct mail.

We REALLY geeked out on it.

We studied buyer behavior, interviewed buyers, built dozens of lists, studied copywriting, tracked, tested, tried out dozens of different mail pieces and calls to action…

We mastered direct mail…

All BEFORE we moved onto PPC, Cold Calling, Bandit Signs, Radio Ads, etc etc….

The result?

We were doing over 1M+ per year (on direct mail alone!)

That’s how good we were.

Here’s the takeaway:

There’s so much room for improvement in every marketing channel you have going for you right now.

Higher ROI doesn’t exist in the NEXT marketing channel…

It exists in making your existing marketing channels BETTER.

Become a master and you can have all that you want.



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