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The #1 Mistake I Made In Growing My Audience

May 26, 2021
Brian Ellwood
The #1 Mistake I Made In Growing My Audience


If you're overwhelmed by all of the different social media platforms that you can be using to grown your education business...

Then it's likely you're making the same BIG mistake I was (that slowed my audience growth to a halt).

I've recorded a podcast episode that shows you 1) that you don't need to focus on all these different platforms and 2) why doing so is probably the reason that you aren't growing your audience.

I also show you HOW to think about which platform you should choose, and give you permission to go after what you will be able to do with joy and consistency (the key to success).

This is an episode that will not only save you years of struggle, but also make your days a lot more fun and productive.

You'll also be a lot clearer about exactly what you're supposed to sit down and do when you get to work each day (which is a big reason many online coaches and experts fail - they don't know what to work on!)

Let me know if this episode helps you and if you have questions, you can reach me at:

[email protected]

To your success!

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