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Struggling To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together?

Apr 05, 2021

Most coaches spend their day scrolling social media, reading posts, clicking on ads, watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, downloading free things, and reading promotional emails.

All with one purpose - to figure out how to put the puzzle pieces together and grow their coaching business.

I did this for years. I sought answers from the outside.

I was certain that someone else had those puzzle pieces and I just needed to find them.

6 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested later, I still hadn’t found the missing pieces.

Most programs will claim that they can teach you the best strategy.

That their program is the one thing that people need. The missing piece.

Yet they don’t often work. Why is that?

Most coaching programs enter their relationship with you assuming that THEY possess your missing puzzle pieces.

They have cracked the code - and you should copy them.

Imagine a relationship coach who claimed to have figured out what the “perfect partner” looked like….

They claimed that this type of person was what everyone needed…

Then proceeded to shove every client in the direction of finding that person.

How would that work out?

Only when I stopped attempting to copy and model other people, and defined what I wanted to create, did the blueprint take shape.

I could see the coaching business that would inspire me. The one I could do with longevity.

I’m going to spend some time fleshing out what I found within myself that allowed me to see that, which made all following decisions very easy.

Here are the 4 biggest insights (that I got from within) that made all the difference:

Shift #1 - Serving My Dream Client

For the last 10 years, I have been drawn to coaches, authors, speakers, and content creators. I’ve found that type of person interesting and exciting to talk to. I’ve traveled to dozens of seminars and events to be around them. I’m always engaged in conversations with this type of person. I find that I see the world through a similar lens to them. Interaction with them flows with ease.

My first coaching niche was real estate investing, but some coaches (and coaches-to-be) snuck into my programs. I found myself most excited to talk with these clients. They gave me energy.

I realized that I had to pivot my business to serve coaches. This was a very important strategic decision. And the answer lied within.

My guess is you already know what type of person gives you the most energy. As I said before, I don’t have the answers. You do.

I’m just nudging you to look inside yourself for those answers and act upon them.

For me, the writing was on the wall for years. I was meant to work with coaches and experts.

Who were you meant to work with?

Shift #2 - Finding My Dream Niche

For the last 10 years, I’ve been drawn to the world of coaching, teaching, & writing. To the idea of building a platform and putting a message out there that makes a difference.

I’ve had about a dozen false starts. Podcasts that flopped. E-books that never took off. Products that never sold.

But I kept coming back to it. Even in the midst of running a 7 figure real estate business.

I just couldn’t shake the bug. I wanted to be a coach and a writer. I wanted to take what I knew and somehow put it out there to change lives.

I’ve had this interest in being an expert or coach for 10 years. It’s a burning desire I wake up with every day. It’s the “problem” I’m the most excited to solve.

Even though I started out coaching in the real estate investing space, the writing was on the wall all along. I’m most interested in succeeding as a coach.

Everything changed when I asked myself this question:

“Why not make ‘succeeding as a coach’ what I help others with?”

That is what finding the answer on the inside looks like, and using that to inform the strategic decision you need to make as a coach.

Inside, then outside.

Look within yourself. What’s the bug you just can’t shake? The burning interest that just won’t go away?

What if this was your niche?

Shift #3 - Creating An Offer I Believed In

The promise of my real estate coaching was to help people build wealth. But, in my own life, wealth has diminished in importance to me.

I care more about personal growth, having an impact on the world, and having a daily lifestyle that is filled with a lot of fun and freedom.

So, helping other people build wealth was starting to bore me. Since I didn’t prioritize it as much personally, I wasn’t as excited to talk about it to others.

Once I took an honest look in the mirror, I saw that I needed to change.

I pivoted my program to offer an outcome in the realm of personal growth. To help other coaches create a business and life that truly inspires them, and that they love to show up and grow. One that gives them the lifestyle they want.

This is the same thing that I want. And it’s my program.

Do you see how that’s in alignment?

Do you see how no one else would have been able to find that for me?

It wasn’t the fault of some other coach that I was missing this piece. Only I could tell it was missing. Only I could feel when I found it.

Now I invite you to look on the inside. What type of outcome do you think people should have? That matters most to you?

What matters so much to you that your own life is a representation of it?

Do you need to pivot your offer so it is in alignment with this?

Example: You are coaching in the niche of money making, yet finding inner peace is all you really care about and spend your personal time on.

How would pivoting to helping others find inner peace change everything?

Remember, I am only writing this to serve as a signpost. Not to give you the answers. I can’t. They are within you. They exist as a feeling.

When you find the “Big 4” puzzle pieces that make up the coaching business you’d really be inspired to grow, you will finally have the blueprint.

You will have the plans to build your dream business, clear and detailed. Plans that came from you, and no one else.

Then you will be able to set out to build that business. Then you can apply strategies from the outside. But you will find that you need much less. And anything that comes from the outside will be mere adornments, accents, & accelerants.

You will have a lens through which you can look when making strategic decisions. When deciding to hire a coach or join a program.

You will be able to see if those things fit into your plan or not.

It will become just as obvious as seeing whether a puzzle piece fits into a puzzle sitting on your kitchen table.

Many people - when they get really honest and look inside - can identify these 4 key pieces within 30 days or less.

Helping you discover these things and realign your business to them is what I address in my 6 week 1:1 program that takes coaches & experts who feel out of alignment with their business and rebuilds their business so that they are completely aligned with the right client, niche, and offer for them.

I also address choosing the marketing strategy you're going to have the most fun with, and structuring your pricing & delivery model so the business can provide you the income you desire in the hours you want to work.

If you're interested, shoot me a DM and we can have a chat over Messenger to see if it makes sense for you or not.

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