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Still Confused On How To Get Leads For Your Coaching Business?

Nov 02, 2020
Still Confused On How To Get Leads For Your Coaching Business?
If you're still confused about how to go out and find leads for your coaching business...
Allow me to clear that up for you once and for all.
Imagine there's no internet, and you're at a networking event trying to grow your business the "old school"way.
You're walking around shaking hands, asking people what they do, and learning what their goals are...
If it seems like you could help them, what would you do?
You'd give them your business card, and likely set up a time to meet for coffee within the next week.
Then, at the coffee meetup, you'd talk more about their goals, what you do, and where they see themselves needing help.
You'd also feel out whether you two like each other and would be interested in being around each other more frequently.
If it still felt like a fit, you would propose the two of you to have a more formal "sit down" where you go over the details of what you do and how you can help them and what that arrangement would look like.
You'd ask for the sale.
Ready for the secret?
Facebook is the networking meetup.
You use your personal profile posts, posts in groups, and especially direct messages to people to start the initial conversation.
Triage calls are the coffee shop meetup.
You hop on a quick call and find out more about what they need and if you like them and can help them.
Strategy sessions are the sales presentation/formal sit down.
You schedule a longer call to really go into what they want, why they need it, and how you can help and what that looks like.
Side note: Be really glad that we can do business on the internet nowadays.
Can you imagine getting stuck at a networking event talking to the wrong person for an hour and leaving having accomplished nothing other than handing out your crappy business card to a few people?
There's no excuses in 2020 for not being able to find clients, if you simply understand that the offline world has been recreated online, and your perfect prospects are hanging out on Facebook and IG just waiting to talk to you.
If you had 24 hours to make a sale or you would die, would you spend that time starting a podcast, writing a new blog post, or commenting on a picture?
No. You would message and text and call and email literally everyone on the planet with the intent of getting them on the phone.
You know that, deep down. But why don't you do it?
The biggest challenge I see people face as a new coach isn't that they lack strategy...
It's that they lack CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF. Real conviction that they are worthy, they can help people, and they should be on messenger hitting people up all day.
That's the work to really make sure you get right, otherwise everything else you do will lack strength.
So what's your real bottleneck in your coaching business, truly?

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