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Last week I was in Phoenix at Brendon Burchard’s “High Performance Academy”.

It’s a seminar where we learned all about how to consistently perform at high levels over the LONG RUN.

(If you haven’t been to that event, you NEED to go. It was amazing and permanently life changing. It’s not that expensive either.)

One thing he said really stuck with me:

“Lack of attention leads to fleeting motivation”

In other words, the inability to focus in on just a handful of things….

Leads to a loss of motivation to do ANYTHING.

This means that if you sit down to work…

Unsure of exactly what you need to do that day to move the needle…

You’ll end up scattered..

All over the place…

Checking email frantically…

Just sort of bouncing around and hoping that gold will fall out of the sky and solve all your problems.

If that goes on for too long, guess what happens?

You start to lose motivation to even continue.

Which is understable, because why would you?

Who wants to remain in a state of scattered attention, confusion…

And not being productive?  

Social media makes the problem a lot worse.

It is built to ENCOURAGE short, fleeting attention.

Which, again, has been linked with low motivation.

Guys, it’s not OK to fall into this trap of being distracted all the time…

Of being addicted to our phones and social media.

The implications are HUGE when you realize that your MOTIVATION is at stake.

Your motivation to change your life and the lives of others.

On the flip side, if you can cultivate DISCIPLINE…

And learn to focus on just a couple things each day…

And always only ONE thing at a time (with full presence, and to completion)...

You will BE a high performer.

You will get all that you want.

You will get way more done than others.

You will get way more gratification and satisfaction out of your work.

The best part?

Your motivation won’t be fleeting. It will be sustained.


And momentum comes from progress.

So, get after it!

And stay focused.

I’ll see you soon…


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