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Nov 13, 2018

Be honest….

On some mornings, do you wake up, chug coffee, and head straight for your email inbox?

(or social media?)
Tell me….

How do those days go for you?
Do you feel focused? Productive?

At the end of those days...

Do you feel like you make progress toward your goals?

Lately, I fell into a slump like that myself.

I was sleeping late.

Starting the day out with coffee and email…

And all throughout the day, I just felt kinda FRAZZLED.

Like I wasn’t sure what to focus on….

I found myself thinking negatively all the time…

And I wasn’t making the progress that I had in the past.

Anytime I find myself in a “slump”, there’s two people I go to…

To help me get back on track.



Those two have cracked the code on the type of person you have to become…

In order to feel good…

Have gratitude…

Be productive…

Keep HIGH levels of energy…
And get fulfillment out of what you do each day.

After revisiting their work yet again…

I realized that I had simply STOPPED doing the things they taught…

The same things that got me success the first time.
I had quit following my ROUTINE.

Tony Robbins reminded me that taking ONE HOUR for yourself each morning…

And following a simple routine each time…

Can make ALL the difference in how you feel throughout the day…
And how much high quality work you get done.

So what’s the routine?

Well, here’s what I am doing now…

It’s not perfect, and you can add or take away what you want,

But it’s working for me, in a BIG way.

Morning Routine:

  1. Wake up about 90 minutes BEFORE you have any commitment (like work, a conference call, kids, etc

  2. Do 15-30 minutes of yoga (I watch one of the “Yoga With Adriene” videos on Youtube, she’s an awesome teacher)

  3. Now that you are feeling awake and limber, grab a green juice, coffee, and/or green smoothie, and sit down with my “5 Minute Journal”

  4. Complete the journal, including spaces for gratitude, what would make today great, and affirmations.

  5. 30 minutes of reading personal development book and taking notes (Currently “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard)

  6. Read vision/goals for business (and life), or create them if not yet VERY CLEAR

  7. Start day with a renewed focus on what I want, a higher energy level, and a tangible feeling of gratitude for the things I already have.

Guys, this simple 90 minute window is TRANSFORMATIVE. What’s even cooler is I do this with my wife, so we spend extra time together that we otherwise wouldn’t.

She reports feeling back in control over her day and more grateful for things.

She also says that her job no longer dominates her day, like it used to.

It’s funny how a simple thing like this, which doesn’t cost money, can dramatically overhaul your quality of life.

So, I wanted to share this in the hope that one of you takes me up on the challenge.
Do this for 7 days in a row - I promise it will be worth it…

And let us know how you feel afterwards?

Who else has a morning routine they can’t live without? Tell me about it!





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