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Not Excited About Your Niche?

Mar 19, 2021

If you were locked in a library for the entire day, and you could read books on any topic you wanted...

What types of books would you grab before you headed to the couch?

What subject areas are the most exciting for you to learn about right now?

Now, take your top 1 or 2 answers and ask yourself this...

"Am I serving my clients in this very same niche?"

If you're not, then your coaching business is out of alignment.

If you're not excited enough to keep learning and growing in a certain area, you're not excited enough to COACH in that area either.

The best coaches are the ones who really love what they help people with.

They're so passionate about it that you can feel it.

And, they have no trouble selling their program either because that passion is tangible in their marketing and on their sales calls.

So, how do so many coaches end up solving problems for clients that they aren't that excited about?

One reason is lack of confidence. They don't feel qualified yet in their area of passion so they choose something that they have absolute certainty in.

Another reason is wrong information. They were simply told that, since they had a skill in a certain area, that is the area they should coach in. And so they did.

They chose their customer avatar based upon who they were many years ago...

Instead of who they were just a couple years ago (this is often the "sweet spot")

Skills are important. You should never promise something you can't deliver.


Commitment to continual IMPROVEMENT of skills (over the long haul) is more important.

The person who is committed to waking up every day and learning something new about marketing will be a better marketing coach than the person who had some success in marketing in the past but their heart isn't really in it anymore.

(Maybe not in the short term, but definitely in the long term)

I hereby give you permission to coach in the areas that you are most excited and passionate about.

Start with an offer you know you can deliver on.

Maybe reduce the price, incorporate done-for-you, whatever you have to do to align the offer with your belief IN IT.

But please, pick the niche you love.

Your commitment to the subject area along with the experience you'll get coaching clients will - over time - make you into a legitimate expert in this subject.

Which is better?

a) to stay in a bad relationship with the wrong person just because you have a lot of history with them, or

b) to find the right person, even though you have to start all over, and build a healthy relationship from the ground up?

In the same way that you can't build a house on a shoddy foundation, you can't build a coaching business on one either.

If this advice is painful for you - because you've invested a lot of time into your business already - just know that you're not alone, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I coached real estate investing for 5 years before finally accepting that my heart wasn't in it anymore, and made the shift to serving coaches.

Not only did I unlock a whole new excitement and vibrancy for my coaching business - one that I had never experienced before - but I also hit a six figure run rate in revenue within the very first month.

I underestimated the knowledge I already had about how to grow a coaching business - and how it's transferable to a new niche.

You might be underestimating yours, too.

Resistance to or pain felt while reading this = a sign from the universe that it may be time to change.

Once you align your coaching business with the niche that you're most passionate about, you can expect the market to feel that alignment. Your close rate will double or triple from what it has been in the past. This makes hitting six figures much easier (and way more fun, too).

What I shared is one of the main things I cover in my 10 week workshop that takes coaches who are making less than 10K/month up into the 10-20K+ range.

We also cover how to create your high ticket offer and close clients over the phone, as well has how to deliver in a group coaching + online course model so you can scale.

If interested, send me a DM to discuss whether it would be a fit for you or not. If it is, we can get you started in the program this week.

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