Not A Single Call With A Prospect This Week?

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2021

This is for the coaches who are hiding from their prospects.

The ones who are doing loads of random stuff to try and grow their coaching business...

But avoiding (whether consciously or not) direct conversations with (& proposals to) real people over the phone or Zoom.

You don't have a marketing or sales problem - you have a belief problem.

I know you might think you have a marketing problem - "I just can't get people to talk to me!"

But if you showed me the Messenger conversations you've been having with people...

Would I see dozens and dozens of instances where you asked people to jump on a call?

I see new coaches fiddling with their websites, getting business cards and headshots made, and starting their podcast...

Getting the perfect "banner photo" for their FB profile and group.

I can go to that same new coach weeks or months later, and there will still be something he's "building out"..

"Gotta get this course done"

"Gotta set up Kajabi and get my funnels built"

"Working on the webinar still, but gonna launch soon!"

"Working on my book!"

When I suggest that this person get their hands dirty and reach out to some prospects right away and start actually coaching...

I get resistance.

It's almost as if this coach hopes to stay "behind the scenes" for their whole career...

Writing books, filming courses, building landing pages and websites and webinars...

But never really engaging with their would-be clients.

If this is you, then you need to execute in reverse order.

Before I go too far down this rabbit hole, let's talk about WHY coaches hide from their prospects, avoid reaching out...

and instead spend time on countless, fruitless distractions.

They don't really believe that they can help people. They have confidence issues.

But these coaches aren't bums. They aren't inadequate or incapable of helping people.

In fact, they have amazing things to share.

The confidence issue stems from a lack of congruency between what they can help people with and what they SAY they can help people with.

More specifically: they don't believe in their offer.

They aren't in love with their product or program. They don't feel, at a 10/10 level, that their prospects really need it.

So, they hide.

A lot of coaches are branding themselves as a "business coach" without success in business...

or a "health coach" when they're still trying to figure out their own health...

or a "life coach" when their life is a bit of a mess.

This leads to a lack of alignment which is devastating for any coaching business.

If this is you, I have good news.

The solutions is really, really, simple.

Solution: Create an offer that you CAN believe in - because it actually delivers on the promise it makes!

The solution is to get fully authentic.

This often requires niching down further.

If you want to be a business coach but don't have experience in business, you need to look at what part of business you CAN help your prospect with.

Is it copywriting, funnel building, sales, branding, leadership, systems, lead gen, content creation, video editing?

What can you truly deliver on, with full confidence?

Now, should you incorporate DFY (done for you) or DWY (done with you) elements in your offer?

This is where you actually do some work for your clients and produce some type of deliverable.

(Don't worry Mr. Future Business Coach, you can broaden your offerings over time and evolve into a full-fledged business coach once you can truly offer that)

When you align your offer with what you can 100% deliver on, you will have no problem enrolling one new client per week because a) clients will be able to see the value in what you offer and b) your confidence will go through the roof so you'll stop wasting time on things and start actually proposing to help people.

What I shared above is what I address with my clients in my 10 week workshop that takes coaches who are limping along at under 5K/month and boosts them into the 15K+ range.

I also cover how to market and sell your new program, and deliver it in a group coaching + online course format so you can scale with ease.

DM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit; if so, we can get you started right away.


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