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Need Affirmations & Visualizations To Get Excited?

Mar 22, 2021

Are you a coach who relies on “morning routine” activities (like affirmations and visualizations) to get in an excited state before working on your business?

Do you also use these every single morning to maintain a high level of belief and confidence in the offer that you sell?

What if - instead of manually inserting thoughts into your brain to create emotions..

You just picked a niche you’re really excited about…

And created an offer that you can truly deliver on?

A child doesn’t need any type of mental exercises to get in a peak state of excitement, or to be highly present and creative.

So when does the child get out of touch with that natural ability?

Let me talk a bit on why we end up choosing things we don’t want...

As we grow up, our parents and society spend a lot of time telling us what we should and should not do.

“Don’t sit there. Don’t pick that up. Don’t say that. Do this. Be good. Follow the rules”

This “pigeonholes” us as we grow older, in that it affects the way we make decisions.

We’re more handsomely rewarded for “following the rules” than for following our heart.

The most extreme symptom of this is sadly also the most prevalent - that most people will voluntarily spend their entire life doing something they hate - just for money.

This idea of “I should” creeps into all of our decisions.

When I went about setting my coaching business up 6 years ago…

The word "should" preceded just about every idea I had.

“Well, I have a good track record in real estate investing. I guess I should be a real estate investing coach”

“Well, I was good at wholesaling and flipping houses, I guess I should start out teaching that”

“Well, all the gurus have a book funnel, I should write one and set up my own”

“Well, everyone is doing webinar funnels, I should do one of those every week”

And so on. I have to stop or I’ll probably go over the Facebook word count. My list of "shoulds" is a mile long.

As I set out to grow that real estate coaching business over the next handful of years, I used affirmations, visualizations, gratitude journals, vision boards, you name it…

Anything I could get my hands on to help me get more excited and pumped up and convicted about what I was doing and where I was heading.

The result - those things worked. They did make a difference. But they didn’t fix the core issue.

That I had lost the passion for my niche.

If you were in a really bad relationship - would any amount of affirming your love for the person, or visualizing your future together - actually change the fact that you and this person are a terrible fit for one another?

Before everyone jumps on me for hating on things like affirmations and visualizations, know that I don’t. I’ve done them frequently.

They are like pouring gas onto a fire.

But is this a fire that you want to spread?

For me, no amount of that stuff could fix the fact that I didn’t really love what I did, or that I wasn’t excited enough about the outcome I created for people.

Here are the 3 big shifts I had to make in order to fix this:

1) Switch to serving my ideal client (coaches)....
2) Begin helping them in the niche I was most excited about personally (building coaching businesses), and…
3) Create an outcome for them that I not only believe in and can deliver on, but my own life is living proof of this (Show them how to build the coaching business they love that serves the other areas of their life as well)

Once these things were fixed, I wake up every day now with more excitement, energy and confidence than any morning routine has ever been able to create.

I honestly don’t need it anymore. It’s not that it wouldn’t make me better, or that I’ll never return to it.

It’s just that I’m there already. 110%. Every day.

When you get this right for you - you’ll be there too 🙂

What I shared above is the main thing I address in my 6 week workshop that takes fed up coaches and helps them rebuild their coaching business so that they truly love what they do.

We also cover setting up your pricing and delivery model so it delivers on the ideal lifestyle you want, as well as crafting your transition plan from what you’re doing now to the new niche.

If interested, send me a DM and we'll chat over Messenger to see if it's a fit. I'll be able to tell within a short messenger conversation whether this would be a good fit for you or not. If it is, we can get you started in the workshop ASAP.

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