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It's Time To Prioritize Impact Over Revenue

Apr 16, 2021

If you’re a successful entrepreneur who has made a lot of money - but haven’t yet found real meaning in the work you do…

Today is the day to stop focusing on getting richer and start focusing on helping others.

It’s time to build the coaching business that you’ve always wanted. The one that gives you a deep sense of purpose.

It’s time to make your mark on the world, and get up every day to make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s easy to see how you can lose sight of this. Once you start making a lot of money, it gets addicting.

Plus, your peers are all competing on how much money they can make next month. So we get sucked in.

This happened to me in my first business of flipping houses. Revenue was our goal. Passive income and financial freedom.

I achieved those things, by building a business that consistently did over 1M/year gross, and I also purchased a few dozen rental properties.

I’m not saying I was ultra rich, but I had my bills more than paid and was comfortable.

Beyond that point, however, setting additional goals around revenue felt empty and pointless. I knew there was more to life than just adding more figures to my bottom line.

There were plenty of people making way less money than me, but way MORE impact.

(Just look at a school teacher for example. Some of the most underappreciated high-impact-makers out there)

I wanted that.

When you start to give attention to your life’s deeper purpose, you will get pushback. People will tell you that you’re crazy, and you shouldn’t ignore the thing that made you successful.

Keep in mind that, for them, revenue and security is still the goal. Any advice they give is coming from that place.

But, you have an intuition that there’s more in store for you. Honor that. Heed the whispers.

Stop clinging to your existing business like it’s some sort of life raft. You know how to make money. Your track record proves this.

You can apply everything you’ve learned in marketing, sales, and business to your new venture.

I get that you have a badass business and it makes a lot of money. But that’s not a good enough reason to put your legacy on the back burner.

Saying “one day I’ll start doing work that’s meaningful” is like saying “one day I’ll start exercising to take care of my health” or “one day I’ll start being present for my family”.

When is “one day” for you? How much time do you have left to procrastinate?

At the same time, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore or abandon what you do now.

There’s a way for you to automate at least some portion of your existing business to give you time to focus on your coaching business.

Sacrifice some of your wealth to gain time back. Spend money to hire another team member to delegate all those pesky things you shouldn’t be doing.

Buckle down and get some good systems in place to automate anything that doesn’t need your attention.

For many successful entrepreneurs, this will free up at least 2 hours per day that they can use to build their coaching business.

When I was in the midst of running my house flipping business (and craving more impact) I started carving out 30 minutes per day to work on my coaching business. I might work on my book, talk to a client, or just learn something new.

Man, It felt so good to chip away at the business I was meant to do.

Over time I got the coaching business up and running, and slowly stopped flipping houses and only kept the rental properties. Then I went full-time into coaching and never looked back.

If you’re still worried about the lost revenue from switching to what you love, I’ll offer you this perspective:

You’ll likely end up making more money in the long run in your passion business, because you will bring a new level of energy to it.

You will do it consistently for years. You won’t find yourself always trying to automate and remove yourself from the business.

It’s very different from what you’ve experienced in the past, I promise you that.

The coaching industry NEEDS people like you. There are too many newbies and fakers. You have a strong mindset, a track record of success, and a set of skills that would really change lives when you start teaching it.

Once you decide to own and act upon your mission, next up is getting clear on who your ideal client is and the niche you want to coach in. You will then select a publishing format and platform to start sharing your voice in a really fun way. Then, you’ll build out your actual program so that it creates the best possible outcome for your clients and also serves your lifestyle as well.

When you finally give yourself permission (and space) to begin working on your coaching business you will begin to wake up each morning and make daily progress toward making the impact you’ve dreamed about. This is where dreaming ends, and action begins.

Creating space to start your coaching business is one of the things I address in my 6 week 1:1 program that takes successful entrepreneurs who are tired of focusing on just revenue and helps them launch the coaching business that will give them a greater sense of meaning and impact.

I also address refining your ideal coaching client and niche, and building your program and delivery model.

If this resonates with you shoot me a DM and we can have a conversation over Messenger to see if it’s a fit or not.

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