Is Your Coaching Biz Burning You Out?

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2021

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You have a successful coaching business (you even broke 20K/month recently), but something still feels off.

It almost feels like you're inevitably headed for a "dead end"...

A moment where you will be forced to turn the car around and go in a new direction.

The problem you solve for people is something you were really good at in the past.

You had massive success.

You chose your coaching niche based upon that skillset.

But, over time, if you're being honest with yourself, you've lost your passion for this niche.

You aren't interested in furthering your own skills and knowledge in it any longer.

You don't grab books on this topic, or listen to podcasts about it.

In fact, you've found a new love. A new subject area that you're really excited about.

One you can't seem to stop learning about.

This isn't what you coach your clients on.

But, sometimes you find yourself almost "forcing it" into your coaching sessions.

You hope clients will ask questions or have needs in this area - because you're fresh on it and have lots to say about it.

You've dabbled with creating a program in this new area of passion - maybe even created one and sold a few of them - but you don't see space to really dedicate yourself to it.

You feel as if you need to get your "main program" to a place where it can be automated, or to a certain revenue point...

And then you will finally be freed up to pursue the coaching business you've been fantasizing about.

This was me - I coached people in real estate investing for 5 years - after having success in this field by flipping houses and achieving financial freedom through rental properties.

It only seemed logical to coach in this space - it was the thing I was "the best at".

The story ended with me being burned out and tired of teaching on a subject my heart was no longer in.

With changing my entire niche to helping coaches with their businesses.

To help them avoid doing the wrong thing for 5 years themselves.

With me being happier, and more excited than I've ever been about any business in my 12 year journey as an entrepreneur.

With me matching the revenue from my previous coaching business within the first 30 days.

Here's what I had to learn (that is most important to YOUR success):

1) The foundation of a coaching business is the person you serve. Choose to serve the same person you'd most like to meet for a beer. The one who gives you the most energy. For me, it is (and had always been) coaches and experts. Who is that for you?

2) Serve this person in the area of most excitement for you. What do you love to learn about and talk about the most? What excites you? Can you create a program in this niche and sell it to your ideal client? If not, what's #2 on your list of most exciting topics? Would that work?

3) Make sure the offer is something you can 100% authentically deliver on. Way too many coaches are out there promising things they can't back up. So if you're choosing a new avatar/niche, you may need to eat a slice of humble pie (even though, I know, you're a badass entrepreneur) and just promise to help them with a smaller piece of the puzzle. To incorporate done-for-you elements in your offer. Whatever makes it 100% aligned with what you can actually deliver on.

When you align your avatar, niche, and offer in the way I've laid out above, you will get a tremendous amount of energy from your clients. You will be amazing at solving the problem for them. Your offer will resonate with people because they will be able to FEEL that you can truly deliver on it (because, well, you can).

This will set your coaching business up in the RIGHT way. You will have confidence that, with your existing audience, marketing, and sales skills, you can match and quickly exceed) your existing revenue.

This will make your transition (to the "aligned" coaching business you love) way easier than you ever thought.

What I shared above is the main thing I address in my 6 week 1:1 workshop that takes coaches who are burned out by their business to having created, launched, and sold their new (ideal) coaching program to their first handful of clients.

I also address defining your ideal lifestyle and workload as a coach and choosing the right delivery model to support that, as well how to create a healthy transition plan from your existing business to your new one.

If interested, shoot me a DM to see if you'd be a fit. I'll know within a short back-and-forth if it makes sense for you or not. If so, we can get you started next week.


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