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If You Feel Creatively Blocked, Read This.

Apr 29, 2024

When a tap is turned off, water doesn't flow.

The water remains stagnant, stuck inside the pipe.

When the tap is turned on, the trapped water flows out.

The space created in the pipe allows new water to flow in.

For as long as the tap is left on, this continues to happen.

Water flows out.

New water flows in.

Creativity works in a similar way.

You might have something in you that needs to be let out.

You also might (mistakenly) believe that this is the only thing you have to share.


If you were to let it out, you'd create space for the next thing to appear.

That's the cool part about creating:

You never know what's coming next.

And, you literally will never know — if you don't turn on the tap.

Schedule time each day to turn on your taps.

To let your creativity flow.

For me, it's writing. I prioritize at least 30 minutes each work day to let it flow out.

It's critical that I do this at the start of each day. Otherwise, it will easily be swept away in the tasks of the day.

Lately, it occurred to me that I was too wrapped up in the minutiae of my business.

Learning how to market and sell and deliver.

Building systems and processes and offers and funnels.

I wasn't creating time to create.

That's when I changed my priorities to let the taps flow first thing in the morning, every time.

Even on the busiest days, I still give myself twenty minutes.

If you want to get your life's work out while you're still above ground...

Give it the space it deserves.

Let it flow.

The health benefits of this are amazing.

The potential to turn your creativity into a business is life-changing.

But it never starts, until you turn on the tap.


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