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How To Avoid An Empty Career

Feb 26, 2021

Your alarm goes off...6:15am. You stare at the ceiling fan rotating above you. In your stomach, a sense of dread is already brewing.

You're off to complete another low excitement day of working at a job that just pays your bills.

Inside of you - there's something more you want to give to the world. You have a calling. You want to leave the world a better place.

You want to change lives. You want to find real meaning in the work that you do.

You've even tried to start a business coaching and teaching others. You made a few bucks. But you couldn't really get it to work.

Your spouse and your friends told you that you were crazy, and that you needed to focus on keeping your job.

But no matter how much you try to push it down, that feeling won't go away.

The feeling that you were meant to do more.

You're not alone in feeling this way, and you're not wrong for wanting more.

The only thing left to do is to own who you are. Fully embrace it. Unashamedly.

To stop giving a fuck about what other people think about you.

To start working toward really leaving a legacy.

As they say in the hip hop world:

You have to get TEN TOES DOWN.

That means all in. Committed.

You don't have to quit your job or become a half-ass employee either.

Your job is important to focus on, too, until it's no longer required for revenue.

But your calling deserves your attention and energy. A lot of it. It really matters.

I can tell you from experience, and all the worrying I did about "what people would think about me"...

That no one really cares what you do, one way or the other.

So you might as well BE YOURSELF, AND GO FOR IT.

You only get one shot.

Once you decide that you're committed and you're going to stop listening to other people...

And start listening to that inner voice that won't go away...

There's still more work to be done if you want be successful in a career that teaches and helps others.

You've got to get really clear on WHO you want to serve.

What type of person would you most like to go meet for a beer?

Not someone who is "open minded", we're looking for specifics here.

Is it Moms, Dads, entrepreneurs, small biz owners, corporate execs, dog lovers?

Next, what problems are you the most excited about solving right now?

The topics you just can't learn enough about. The stuff you'd read at a library if you had the whole day there by yourself.

Now, does your ideal client need help in those areas?

This type of brainstorming will begin to form a vision in your mind of what an ideal teaching or coaching business might look like for you - who you'd serve and what you'd help them with.

Now, in more detail, how will you help them exactly?

Where are they now and where will they be by the end of it?

How long will it take? How much will it cost?

Many struggling experts get this step entirely wrong...

Or they pick a problem they have no confidence in solving, so they end up selling $27 e-books, which lowers their responsibility when they fail to solve the problem.

You must know how to properly structure your offer so it:

-gets great results for your clients (so you must actually be able to deliver on the promise), and...

-it costs enough so that you CAN quit your job and earn a good living helping people full time.

Structuring the offer starts with knowing who the ideal client is, where they are today, and where you will take them.

That's the foundation - you don't need some fancy "digital marketing" trick or more Instagram followers.

When you get all of these pieces right, you will start earning between 5-10K per month as a coach within the first 90 days of starting your business.

What I shared above is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 10 week workshop that takes struggling experts who are unclear on their ideal client and what their offer should be, to having their ideal client and problem clearly defined and their high ticket program developed and ready to sell.

I also address how to deliver your coaching program combining 1:1, groups, and an online course so that you can scale your business without working more hours.

PM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit; if so, we can get you started right away.

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