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How I Sell a 10K Offer Multiple Times/Month (with ease)

May 21, 2024

If there's one thing I could go back and tell myself when I started coaching 8 years ago...

It's the power of your offer.

Allow me to explain...

Think about your favorite things right now...

  • The type of phone you have
  • The type of car you drive
  • Your favorite restaurants
  • Your favorite clothes

My guess is that they all have one thing in common:

The product is high-quality.

The restaurant has the best food you've ever eaten.

Your phone is elegantly designed and works all the time.

Your car is a predictable machine that has all your favorite bells and whistles.

Product quality is everything in business, and ours is no different.

When I started as a coach, I didn't value my product nearly at the level I do now.

I remember slapping together my first course on real estate investing.

I sold my first customer at $500.

Within a week, he was emailing me:

"I thought this course would cover XYZ..."

"The videos on Module 2 and 5 aren't working..."

"Is there a checklist or template included I can follow?"

Eventually, he asked me for a refund and I gave it to him.

I was embarrassed.

I could totally help the guy invest in real estate...

But the course I had thrown together couldn't.

It was garbage.

I had only focused on the marketing of my course (and had left my course, the actual product, as a mere afterthought).

The irony is this:

The fact that my course sucked was also the reason I had only sold one copy in a couple months...

To a guy that ended up getting a refund (facepalm)

Having an amazing offer allows you to:

Sell your product with ease AND obtain a happy customer that leaves you a great review and tells their friends.

I've been having conversations with new coaches quite often lately, and I tell them this:

Spend a hell of a lot more time on your offer than you think.

Make your offer so good that you can't wait to scream about it from the rooftops.

Make the value so high that your prospects sees how they will get a 10x return on their money.

My #1 Tip to Make Your Offer Better

Here's the easiest lever you can pull to make your offer more valuable:

Include more DFY (done for you) in your offer.

How do I really sell a 10K offer with ease?

I do a lot of shit for my clients.

The offer I'm referring to — Author Accelerator — includes the following:

  • I write your book alongside you in 1:1 writing sessions
  • I edit, format, design your book cover, and do everything to get it on Amazon
  • I build you an entire book funnel (including emails)
  • I project-manage the entire thing so you only have to write

All of these deliverables save my clients thousands of dollars they would have to pay to multiple contractors...

Plus a ton of time that they can spend on deep work that makes them a lot more money than I cost.

DFY is the easiest lever to pull to get a lot more clients (and charge a lot more for it).

Sure, it's not scalable.

But I don't mind working with 3-4 new rockstars each month

(and spending a good chunk of my day hanging out with my amazing family).

If you want some help breaking down and rebuilding your offer (so you can charge a lot more and sell it a lot easier)..

I'm opening a couple spots to work with me 1:1 to do this.

We will build you a 10K offer that sells with ease.

As a requirement, you must be ready to go to work for your clients.

This is the total opposite of "slapping a course together".

Spots are limited — but I wanted to offer it because so many people need it...

Plus making offers 10x better is a lot of fun (when you see what's possible).

If you want my help building a 10K offer, hit reply and let me know.

Either way — schedule time to make your offer better at least once a month.

Your offer isn't good enough yet — make it better.

It's the highest leverage activity you can do.


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