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Here's A Story About A Struggling Coach...

Jan 29, 2021

Let me tell you a story about a girl named Lauren who wants to be a coach.

She spends a lot of time on social media.

She posts about personal development and shares powerful quotes.

She reads books by the greats (like Russell Brunson).

She's hopeful that one day she will build a big following on Facebook or IG...

A proverbial "tipping point" that will lead to clients, impact, and money.

She hasn't really decided on a niche.

She's not exactly sure who her ideal client is.

Maybe someone who is into personal development?

She defines herself as a "life coach" for now, because it feels better to keep things general at this point.

So far, she's had trouble finding clients.

She's bought several low ticket courses to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.

None of what she's learned has made much of a difference.

She has "do everything" syndrome - meaning she's trying to remain active on all the different platforms.

When a new platform comes out (like Parler or Clubhouse), she jumps right in.

She wonders if launching her course might be the ticket out.

She wonders if going live more often and posting more IG stores is what's missing.

Sometimes she just wishes one of her videos would go viral!

She's a pretty positive person - but secretly envies all these other coaches who seem to have it easy.

Most of her days are spent at a soul sucking job dealing with an asshole boss who doesn't appreciate her.

Sometimes this makes her wonder if she can really call herself a "life coach"...

When she's still figuring out her own life!

Lauren has a calling to make a difference in the world.

To help people improve their lives.

She knows she has so much to share with the world, impact to create...

But no one is listening.

What's worse, she doesn't have a lot of support in her life.

Her family, friends, and partner sort of think she's crazy - and should focus on her "real job".

(And stop blowing up their FB feeds with those damn quotes!)

The good news is - Lauren is only a few shifts away from finally getting a foothold in the coaching business (although she doesn't know this).

She's been looking for the answers “out there” but simply needs to point her attention inward to where the answers have been all along.

Lauren is not broken or stupid. Quite the opposite.

She simply lacks the right strategy that will allow her to break into the coaching space in an authentic way.

She hasn't had any solid training on the importance of identifying her ideal client...

Nor picking a niche she's really excited about...

Or crafting a specific offer that her ideal client actually needs.

Plus, making it something she can really deliver on with 10/10 confidence...

Even if it means incorporating some DFY (done for you) elements for her clients.

(This is an "offer game changer" for new coaches struggling to break in).

She doesn't understand how she can niche way down, incorporate DFY, and then ease out of DFY while also broadening her offerings over time.

How coaches evolve.

Once she finally nails this (she will), Lauren will be able to find her ideal clients and sell them her offer with confidence - which will lead to her earning 5K/month++ within 60 days or less.

This is the very first thing I fix for coaches in my 10 week workshop that takes coaches who are limping along under 5K/month and boosts them up into the 15K/month++ range.

I also cover how to sell that product and deliver it in a group coaching + online course format so you can scale without adding more hours to your week.

DM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit - if so, we can get you started right away.

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