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Great... Another Coach Just Slid Into Your DM's.

Feb 01, 2021

Great...another coach just slid into your DM's.

He kept it light hearted at first with a cool "how are things in your world?" opener.

But clearly he was trying to find out how your business is doing.

You got sucked into the conversation and shared a few things...

Like, you told him that you're struggling to figure out your niche.

The coach offered to hop on a call to share a few ideas with you...

Then your walls went up.

"Clearly, this person is going to pitch on working with them.....I'm not trying to deal with that".

So you ghosted him.

Then you went back to what you've been doing.

Consuming endless amounts of random content and trying to figure out how to get your coaching business off the ground.

Even though that hasn't been working for you.

You haven't made a single offer to a prospect in weeks.

You've hopped on some calls - helped a few people out.

But, you haven't actually asked anyone if they'd like to find out about your program and how it might help them.

You haven't pitched anyone.

Do you see where I'm about to take this?

Your view on "pitching" is that it's a bad thing. A painful thing.

Something to avoid at all costs.

You don't like when it's done to you.

So naturally, you're going to avoid doing it to others as well.

That mindset is shooting your coaching business in the foot.

If you want to be comfortable pitching someone on your services, you need to be comfortable BEING pitched.

I connect with coaches nearly every day on Zoom. Sometimes we just talk. Sometimes I share how what I do could really help them.

Other times, they start pitching me! Even though I set up the call around the idea of helping them.

And how do I feel about that? I think it's totally fine.

I'm 100% content to listen to someone tell me how they might help me, consider it, and then give them a polite but firm "NO".

When someone walks up to me on the sidewalk with a clipboard wanting me to hear about whatever cause or mission they have, I never stop walking.

I always say "no thanks" and keep walking.

I'm comfortable saying no.

Yet I see people get sucked into getting randomly pitched on the sidewalk all the time.

You have to get comfortable in those moments.

If a coach is offering to share some ideas with you, that could very well be one the most valuable, belief-shifting moments you have all year.

It could possibly save you years of heading down the wrong path.

And, since you're stuck, getting help from somebody is the logical thing to do.

If the person you talk to has any respect for you at all, they're not just going to hop on a call and say "you need my program it's XYZ sign up now!"

If they do, you'd say "nope" and hop off the call.

When I DM someone offering to share a few ideas with them, and they hop on a call, here's how it goes:

I ask them a handful of questions to find out what they're doing now, where they're trying to go, and what's been stopping them.

I share a handful of ideas for them to consider, the big epiphanies that I've had that got me out of being a struggling coach.

If I don't vibe with the person or don't think I can help them, at then end I just say "good talking to you, hope this was helpful" and hop off.

If I like the person and think I can help them, at the end of the call, I simply say:

"What I do is help coaches who are struggling to figure out their ideal client, niche and offer, and together we build all of those things so you can launch your coaching business and start getting clients...

Does it make sense for us to set up another call to talk about whether that would be a fit for you or not?"

Then, the person either says "yes" or "no" or "not right now".

And that's it.

The ball is in their court.

The ball is in YOUR court.

Remember that. No one can make you do anything.

But if you're running from people who are offering to help you...

What do you think is going to happen when you offer to help people?

If you're a coach struggling to figure out your client, niche, and offer, we should talk.

You already know how the call will go.

Talking to me for 20 minutes will give you the insights needed to start running with your idea, to start actually pitching people of your own and getting clients.

Stop running from someone who might pitch you, and start asking people for help.

It's the fastest path to creating the outcome you want.

I'm just a DM away :)

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