Drowning In 1-on-1 Coaching Calls?

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2021

You wake up, look at your daily schedule packed full with 1-on-1 coaching calls, and just have that feeling of DREAD.

You love coaching, but doing it all day every day is burning you out.

You wish you had more time to work ON your business instead of in it.

But, at the same time, you don't see how you could possibly grow your business, when you're already maxed out working with the clients you have.

There are 2 reasons why this is happening to you:

#1 - Lack of understanding on how to shift to a scalable coaching model

1-on-1 coaching is amazing, you get some of the best results for clients, and you can make six figures doing it, but your calendar will max out quickly and you'll be stuck under a glass ceiling.

Learning how to graduate to group coaching (while preserving or even enhancing client results) is the way out of that.

Some coaches are intimidated to coach a group all at once. I was too. Learning how to do that, however, is the secret to removing the current bottleneck you have (your time).

Some coaches think their program wouldn't work in groups, but I've seen many coaches do deep and personal work with clients in a group setting - and have great success.

Proper leveraging of online courses would also take a lot of the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

But a common pitfall is overvaluing online courses and thinking they're all your client needs, and leading with them as your product too early on.

#2 - Not working with your ideal client or solving a problem you are excited about

If you're feeling drained after your coaching calls, it could be that you're just doing too many of them.

But, it could also be because you working with clients who take your energy, and/or you're helping them solve a problem you don't really care about anymore.

An aligned coaching business serves the type of client you love being around the most, and solving a problem for them that you're really excited to keep learning about.

You're a big time STUDENT of the subject as well as a teacher, because you're fully committed to forever sharpening your skills to the maximum.

As a result, you become a much better and more engaged coach.

When you align your business with who and what you love, and you learn to leverage the "Hybrid" delivery model, you should be adding 3-5 new clients per month while only spending around 3 hours per week on fulfillment.

What I shared above is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 10 week workshop that takes online coaches who are doing 5K/month or less to doing consistent 15-20K+ every month while spending only 3 hours/week on fulfillment.

I also show you how to develop and sell your High Ticket Offer (another critical component) and develop a Consultative Sales Process (so enrollment calls are fun and not pushy or salesy).

PM me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you're a good fit; if so, we can get you started right away. 😎

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