Does The Thought Of Being Like The Gurus Make You Sick?

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

Do you ever look at content the gurus are posting and get sick to your stomach?

Sick, because you could never picture yourself doing stuff like that.

Acting excited, crazy, and pumped up. Sharing a ton of detail about your personal life. Posting about cars, houses, and money.

But, you know you should model your business after successful people. This is where a lot of your past success came from.

You have real skills to share with the world. You want to get your voice out there.

But sometimes you think: “If I have to become like one of those gurus, I’d rather just not”.

It would be a real shame if that thought prevented you from ever leaving your legacy and changing lives…

Especially since it’s not true.

The real issue: You haven’t realized that effective content creation has much less to do with how excited you act, how often you show up, or whether you are on the coolest new platform or not…

And much more to do with the messaging (what is said in the content itself).

Imagine you wanted to catch a very specific type of fish.

You figured out what lake the fish hangs out in without much trouble, even the specific area of the lake they are known to be in.

But you knew nothing about what hook or bait to use or how to use weights & bobbers on the line. How to move the bait in the water to mimic prey. What type of rod and reel to use, or how to use them.

Despite being in the perfect spot in the lake, you would struggle to catch any fish.

A marketing platform (like Instagram or Clubhouse) is just the lake where the fish hangs out. Most people think getting that right is enough.

But they are fishing in that lake with a wooden stick as a fishing rod, with some kite string tied to the end, a paperclip as their hook, no bait attached.

They are unclear on their customer avatar, that person's pain and desires, and how to speak to them and show them how their product could help.

They are going live, posting stories, acting excited and crazy, modeling the gurus.

They are poor marketers, hoping to make up for it with lots of activity.

Experienced marketers know better. They don’t get distracted by shiny objects. They know that popular strategies come and go, but marketing fundamentals never change.

The gurus are experienced marketers. This is the real reason they are winning, that no one sees.

You can learn to resonate your message too, and then you’ll have the freedom to choose how to get your voice out there.

The first step is getting clear on who you want to serve. Who is your ideal client?

Let’s say that your ideal client is “Entrepreneur Dads”.

Then, what is their Point A? Where are they now?

Let’s say their Point A is “struggling to be present for their family because work takes them away”

Now, what is their Point B? Where do they want to go (that you will take them?)

For example, their Point B could be:

“Days that include both a) fulfilling work that noticeably grows their business, and b) several hours per day of uninterrupted time being very present with family”

Now, when you turn on the camera for your next video, go live, do stories, write your next post or email, or record your next podcast, here is how you could structure your content so that it resonates:

“Entrepreneur Dads….do you worry that your kid’s lives will pass you by and they will grow up without you noticing?”

“Do you crave more time being present for your family, but find that your business is always pulling you away from that?”

“Did you know that the real reason this is happening is because you don’t know what activities are bringing in the revenue for your business?”

“Which leads to inconsistent revenue….”
“Which leads to you feeling like you always have to be working…”

“Which leads to those late nights at the office drowning in your email inbox…”

“While your family sits at the dinner table without you again.”

“My name is (Your name) and I help entrepreneurial Dads create work days that move the needle in their business but also include several hours of uninterrupted time for their family…”

“Today I’m going to share 3 tips on how you can do that right now…”

“Tip 1 is….”

“Tip 2 is….”

“Tip 3 is …”

“Once you get this right, here is what your day will look like….”

“Helping Entrepreneurial Dads create days filled with high impact, gratifying work that leaves ample time for their family is what we create in my 1:1 coaching program…”

“Message me to see if it’s a good fit….”


Do you see how that’s different from what most people are doing? How specific it is? How a viewer can self-identify (or not) with the person & problem?

Can you see how they would be really clear on what outcome you would give them if they chose to work with you?

When you learn to master your messaging, you will be able to get results using whatever format you want (audio, video, or text)...

It won’t matter how excited you act or how many times you show up on whatever platform.

You won’t have to be like everyone else - the ineffective, overactive, & often inauthentic marketer.

You will be able to pick - with confidence - a plan to create content, share your voice, and get that you enjoy, one that feels like YOU.

Learning to resonate your message (so you can pick your ideal type of content creation and make it work) is one piece of setting your coaching business up so that you will enjoy (and stick with) it over the long haul. The other two pieces to nail are identifying what type of client would be ideal for you and what outcome you’d be excited to create for them.

Learning to resonate your message with your prospects is one thing we do in my 6 week 1:1 coaching program that takes successful entrepreneurs who want to find more meaning in the work they do and helps them start their coaching business.

If you're interested, shoot me a DM and we can have a chat over Messenger to see if it makes sense for you or not. If so we can get you started this week.


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