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Are You Sure You're Serving Your Dream Client?

Feb 15, 2021

There is a certain type of person who gives you the most energy.

Let's call them Person A.

When you meet them for coffee, you completely come alive.

Conversation bubbles and overflows with passion and excitement.

Time flies by while you're locked in the moment - deep in the midst of an engaging, inspiring conversation.

You wish you could meet more people like Person A, and have more moments like these.

You don't realize it yet - but the clients you are going after in your coaching business are not this type of person.

They are people that have a problem you are confident you can solve - but they don't excite you the way Person A does.

Know what this results in?

Unexpressed resentment.

Resentment that you have 2 coaching calls on your calendar today.

Resentment that you have unanswered emails from clients.

Resentment to doing the things you need to do to grow your coaching business.

This happened because, when you chose your niche, you simply chose it based upon a skillset you had.

Then you said "well, who needs this?"

That became your "ideal client".

But it wasn't really.

What if I told you that you can shift to serving Person A right away?

What if I promised you that there is a path towards making all of your clients "Person A's"?

How would that change your level of enthusiasm for your coaching business?

If you've experienced the symptoms I've described above, then I'm sure you're pumped at the notion of this.

Yet, you're doubtful of how it could possibly be done.

Really, it's just as simple as defining with clarity who Person A is.

Not traits like "into personal growth, or coachable"...

As those are givens in an ideal client.

You need to come up with an answer like: Dads, Moms, entrepreneurs, local biz owners, corporate execs, marines, etc.

My Person A is coaches & experts.

Who is your Person A?

Next, you'll need to identify the problems you're currently most excited about solving.

The things you love to talk, read, and learn about every day.

Now, with those areas of passion in mind - what does Person A need?

How can you support them in those areas?

Lastly, you look at the skillset you have, and craft an offer that is authentic to what you can really deliver at this stage in your development.

It may involve done-for-you, done-with-you, it may be lower ticket at first, 1:1...

It doesn't really matter how you break in to your ideal coaching space....

Because you'll constantly be evolving and improving.

It only matters that you reinvent yourself in a way that is in total ALIGNMENT.

In alignment with the clients that give you the most energy, and...

In alignment with the problems you are most excited about solving.

This is one of the most common things I fix with my clients - and once it's fixed - I can literally see happiness and relief spread across their face.

When you really nail this, you will:

-Have a 10/10 excitement level for what you do
-Really feel "all-in" and committed (for life) to your business
-Create content that vibrates with your passion for what you do and speaks from the heart to your Person A
-Show up with an unmistakable passion and certainty on enrollment calls
-Make more money each month (2X in revenue is not uncommon)
-Feel like you are playing and having fun every day, even though you're working
-Create real friendships and relationships with your clients, because you love them that much

Does this sound like something you want to create?

What I shared above is the main thing I address in my 6 week 1:1 workshop that takes coaches who are burned out by their business to having created, launched, and sold their new (ideal) coaching program to their first handful of clients.

I also address defining your ideal lifestyle and workload as a coach and choosing the right delivery model to support that, as well how to create a healthy transition plan from your existing business to your new one.

If interested, shoot me a DM to see if you'd be a fit. I'll know within a short back-and-forth if it makes sense for you or not. If so, we can get you started next week.

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