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Are You Struggling To Make Money As a Coach? Listen To This.

Jul 22, 2021
Brian Ellwood
Are You Struggling To Make Money As a Coach? Listen To This.

If you ask a room full of 100 coaches what their biggest challenge is, 90 of them will say:

"I want more clients"

This often translates to: "I need my business to be making more money"

I get it, especially if you quit your job to do this and the bank account is dwindling.

The problem is, there are a couple of big pitfalls you can run into when you make money your primary focus.

In this episode I offer a different perspective on how you can get out of "money jail" right now and build your business the right way.


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Are you a coach who has struggled with any of the following?

-clearly defining who your ideal client is
-clearly defining the specific outcome you create for them
-ensuring you have 100% confidence you can deliver the outcome
-packaging up your actual product to deliver the outcome (and provide you the lifestyle you want)

If so, I've been hard at work on a gift-wrapped solution that will provide you with all of this...

So that you can be clear in your content about who you serve and what you help them with AND talk about your products with excitement and confidence.

I'm now offering a brand new program called NAIL YOUR NICHE. Not only will you get lifetime access to an online course that walks you through the process, as a founding member you'll also have email support AND two 1:1 calls with me to guide you through the process.

In order to find out if it's a fit, shoot me an email at:

[email protected]

Let's have a quick back-and-forth to see if it makes sense based upon where you're at in your business.

If you need help with your niche (avatar, offer, product, etc.), then I PROMISE you this is the best program on the market today.


When You're Ready, Here's How I Can Help:

Get Clients With a Book

Work with me 1:1 to write a book that explodes your credibility and brings you clients.

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Nail Your Niche

If you're unclear about your coaching or creator niche, this book will fix that permanently.

Get Book

1:1 Coaching Call

If you need a breakthrough in your business, let's hop on a call and get you unstuck.

Get Unstuck

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