Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

Did you guys know that the first wholesale deal I ever did...

The tenant in the house INSISTED I go get him Burger King breakfast...

Before I could get in the house to take pictures...

To hopefully sell the deal to my mentor?

I left the house, dejected, and drove to Burger King...

Spend some of the little money I had on the "full spread" he demanded.

Got back to the house, holding a tray of orange juice and coffee.

Bag of sausage biscuits and hashbrowns.

There was a pit bull chained in the front yard, barking his ass off at me.

His chain stopped before the door...

But I had to run down the edge of the yard first...

To get to the area where he couldn't reach me!

So I juked right..

Faked him out a bit...

Then sprinted down the other side of the yard...

Hurdling just out of his reach (think of the football move where the runner kinda hurdles so the defender can't grab his legs as he reaches the end zone!)

All the while making sure not to spill Your Honor, Mr. Tenant's OJ or coffee.

I reach the front door, and he grabs the food and reluctantly lets me in.

I quickly take some terrible pictures and leave.

My mentor, the guy who was gonna buy the deal, looks at the pics and says...

"Eh, I don't really need these, that house is a teardown anyways"

WTF!! Do you realize what I just went through to get these?!?

It was only a “birddog” deal too, and I made a finders fee of 1K (but hey I wasn’t complaining).

I have a lot of goofy stories to share about my days as an investor.

Who else has a funny story to share?



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